Halo Reach Level Cap Removal Announced.. Sort Of..

I noticed when I was on this morning that they have announced when they will remove the level cap for Halo Reach. Well sort of..

Let me explain.

Bungie has a nifty chart on the homepage of that shows when the level cap will be removed. There is no official date when this will happen though. The catch is we, the Halo Reach community, need to complete Daily and Weekly Challenges. 117 million to be exact! When the global community has completed the 117 million challenges the cap will come off and new ranks and armor will be available for all players to enjoy. While it doesn’t give us a number, going by the graph, it looks like we have¬†approximately 25-30 million challenges completed so far. So yeah, we have a long way to go yet. But if everybody starts chipping in, this cap could be off before Christmas in my opinion.

Oh and don’t worry if you do reach the cap while helping to complete the challenges. I’ve already found it confirmed that all of the Credits you gain while under the cap will still go towards ranking up when the cap is lifted. So don’t hold back. Let’s go get us some Covenant!

*Author’s Edit @ 10:45 pm Eastern: Since this morning when I wrote this article, the chart has risen a good 10 million! Never mind Christmas, this will be done in a few weeks easy, if not sooner!

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  • WGAnubis

    If I recall, they (Bungie) fully expects the 117 mill mark to be reached in early/mid november, so likely right before thanksgiving. Might even be sooner now that Bungie essentially made a huge ass global challenge.

  • Ginsu Chikara

    Judging by how fast the meter has been rising, the level cap should pop the next time they update the graph, which should happen by or before 6 AM Eastern Time!