Hot Pursuit Demo Coming For A Limited Time

Today EA announced that a demo for the hotly anticipated reboot of the Need for Speed franchise will be coming to consoles. On October 26th for both the XBLM and PSN in the United States and October 27th on the PSN in Europe we will finally get a taste of what Criterion have been cooking.

need for speed hot pursuit

The catch is the demo is only going to be available until November 9th, so procrastinating is not an option. Also, the press release says that the “demo ends” on the 9th, so Criterion may be turning off the servers that power the new Autolog feature. That’s the only reason I can think of as to why they would pull the demo. If you don’t know, Autolog is the social network in the game that, once you add your friends, will challenge you to beat their best times in each race.

The demo will include Dark Horse mode, which lets you be the cop chasing down speeders. Once you add some friends to your Autolog, Roadster’s Reborn will be unlocked, allowing you to post your best race times. Also, downloading the demo will net you 500 bounty points that will transfer to the full retail game.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit hits shelves on November 16th in the U.S. and November 18th and 19th in Europe.

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  • foo mo jive

    excellent, looking forward to it. I was a big fan of burnout paradise.

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