New PSP2 Rumors Are Too Good to Ignore

We’ve been hearing stirrings about a new successor to Sony’s popular PSP handheld for quite some time now, and for a while it seemed that the PSP Go would be enough to tie people over for the foreseeable future.  However, us gamers are fickle beasts, and we demand the latest and greatest in terms of features, performance, and graphics.

Those of you hoping for a new PSP can finally rejoice.  Kotaku is reporting that reliable sources have confirmed the existence of a touch-pad PSP2 that was shown behind closed doors at the Tokyo Game Show.  Unlike an iPhone or DS, the touch controls of the PSP2 will be on the back of the device.  No specific uses for this pad have been detailed, and Sony will supposedly leave it up to developers to use the feature as they will.

Additionally, the new PSP is rumored to have a substantially larger “HD” screen.  An increase in size and resolution should position the device as a hearty contender to both the DS and popular mobile devices like the iPhone and Android.

Kotku also notes earlier rumors of dev kits already being in developer’s hands, but a lack of finalized hardware is apparently hampering the development cycle at this point.  Overheating and battery life issues are being worked out by Sony as we speak, and actual hardware specs are still subject to change.  Of course, that sort of uncertainty at this stage means that nobody is really sure what the new device will look like just yet… so here’s a random mockup from the internet:


Last but not least, Kotaku’s sources note that the PSP2 should be ready for release by this time next year, so mark your calendars for Fall, 2011.

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  • omg this is so cool i hope this is true and i can’t wait to have one because i know im gonna get one because i get whatever i want and i havae a psp now i need to upgrade!! this si SOOOO COOL I HAVE TO SHOW MY MOM!

  • great thing for all gamers

  • omg i am so gonna buy 1 of these it is so freaking kool

  • lol im so gonna buy 1


  • OMG I am so not intereste

  • OMG I am so not interested

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    this is thing right here

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    Its 2014 already and I have never seen one of those