Time 100 Gadgets Highlights Gaming Devices

Time Magazine has released their list of the top 100 gadgets of all time. Sure, many of them have easily changed the way we live. Credit cards let us walk around with plastic instead of paper or metals, certain cell phones have changed the way we communicate. Give the domination of video games in the electronics field, being one of the more tangible forms of gadgetry, and you’d expect a few game systems to to hit the list. Sure, devices like the Kindle can run rudimentary games, but their not what we’re looking at.

Mattel Electronics Football is probably the first portable game many of our older players touched. The Nintendo Game Boy is the one that changed the world of portable gaming. The Atari Lynx even hits the list, being the first color game console. The Apple iOS devices of the iPhone and iPad, running Game Center now or soon, are also on the list. Surprisingly, the only home console to hit the list is the Commodore 64, and even then it’s more for computer reasons than gaming.

Do you agree with the list? Do you think that the Nintendo Wii should have been included for it’s motion gaming, or Kinect for it’s full-body capabilities?

I just want to play my old Mattel Electronics Football again.

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