Weekly Trivia – Round #24 – Music Edition

Welcome back to Platform Nation’s weekly trivia. Today marks the 24th episode of this fun little article. Last week, I took a break from the weekly trivia due to coming down the the flu.  I’m mostly over it, but still fighting it off.  However, it’s not going to stop me this week from getting a new set of trivia questions out to you.  I thought that I’d throw in a little themed set this week in honor of the game that I have been anxiously waiting for, Rock Band 3.  So, in that line, the questions will be related to music in general or music in relation to video games.  I hope that you enjoy these questions.

You know the drill by now. See if you can master the trivia questions, impress your friends, defeat your enemies, and save the princess.

  1. What is the name of the band made up of current and former members of Harmonix?
  2. What is the highest personal multiplier you can achieve in Rock Band?
  3. What day was the first Rock Band released on?
  4. What bands have had their own arcade games?
  5. What Rock Band artist has provided songs for movie soundtracks, including Natural Born Killers and The Crow?
  6. Name a rumored artist that has been mentioned in regard to receiving their own stand alone Rock Band game?
  7. Name one of the top requested artists, according to
  8. What artist has the most amount of songs from among the entire Rock Band catalog?
  9. Taking full advantage of all instruments and vocalist harmonies, how many people can play Rock Band in the same band?
  10. Who is the publisher of Rock Band 3?

Thanks again for playing and I hope that you’ll join me next week for the next installment.