Fallout: New Vegas Patch Out Now

I orginally saw this over on Joystiq but over at Bethesda’s forums, the New Vegas team has reported that the first patch is out now. While there is no official change log detailing all the fixes put into place on this first patch, Bethesda is reporting that it does contain over 200 fixes to the game. I’ll be checking this patch out personally to see if it fixes several of the issues I was having in the game, some of which I mentioned in my review.

To those that have already downloaded the patch, have you noticed any changes or improvements so far in the game?

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  • Frank

    Lately after the update I have noticed that after finishing and restarting the game that I can’t seem to level up from level 1. I’m currently at 1294/200. This only happened after I updated my Xbox 360.

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    I hope it fixes the major stuff. I really, really, really want to get this game at some point but I don’t want a kajillion glitches in it either. I know Fallout 3 wasn’t perfect, but I rarely experienced anything that was sucky.

  • Bart

    I had no issues prior to downloading the patch, but after download I can’t enter VATS at all. The game completely freezes and I have to reset my system.

  • Omar

    Before the update, i use to freeze about every 5 hours if that, now i freeze after every other loading screen!

  • jake

    Yeah hopefully they release like 8 or 9 more patches in like the next week. I understand a game this huge being a bit buggy but they had to realize this is unacceptable before releasing it. I mean if you aren’t very careful and keep a LOT of old saves you can very easily hit glitches that break the game, I’ve been real careful but have hit a glitch that makes a mission not possible to finish, so I have to try taking another route through the story, shoddy workmanship, I don’t care if these guys made the original Fallouts, somebody dropped the ball. However if you manage to play it with no issues you will have a LOT of fun.

  • Lewiscool

    i have it on ps3 and i havnt seen any patch but it still freezes fairly often and it wont let me do a quest because everytime i get within a certain range of the a person in that quest, it freezes