Halo Reach: The Best Halo?

It’s been over a month since Halo: Reach arrived to our lives as one of the most anticipated games this year. We got you covered with our review. So now there is only one question left to be answered; is it the best halo game to this date? This is my humble opinion…

Let’s start by taking a look at the campaign (no spoilers, no worries). It tells a deeper, darker story than any other Halo game so far. ODST gave us a first look at the humanism behind helmets, but Reach takes it to a whole new level. It is totally focused on the Noble Team. Everything you do in this game is done with your fellow Spartans and you do feel the bond growing as Reach is falling. You can also play it cooperatively with up to 3 friends locally or via Xbox Live, and a new matchmaking option was made available some days ago, that way you can always play the campaign with someone, even if they are complete strangers.

One of many breathtaking scenes.

The multiplayer matchmaking has evolved dramatically since Halo 3, the new graphic engine has affected the overall look here as well but some tweaks have been done to hit boxes, weapons were removed (we miss you Battle Rifle) most of the remaining have a totally different feeling and the overall experienced feels balanced. At the same time there are quite a few surprises thanks to the new armor abilities, ranging from sprint to jetpacks. It’s definitely a lot of fun. The playlists are constantly changing as well, adding and removing game types according to user feedback and comments. It is all about the fans, and that’s a detail we all appreciate. That also leads us to the next thing…

Yeah we know, this is Sparta.

Forge is now better than ever, adding more tools and options for us to make not only maps but also artwork and some crazy things you wouldn’t imagine. The big canvas called Forge World will also work as a platform where the community will have the chance to get their maps into the official playlists, as it is happening now. There will be official map packs, but with Forge the odds for new experiences for a long time are even better. Mix that with the Cinema mode and you also have the ultimate machinima tool for the fans.

Firefight also got a lot better than the ODST experience. The support for matchmaking is great, and the different modes available are a fresh take on the classic formula. Not much to say about this one, you create your own experience ranging from shields and health to weapons and enemies. Hopefully we will also see some modifications and tweaks to the playlist later.

I also have to write about the new cRedit system replacing the level system. It rewards you for everything you do on Reach, not only killing dudes online but for playing firefight or campaign as well. The daily and weekly challenges also give us more reasons to keep playing and improving on everything Reach has to offer, which is a lot.

Meet my Spartan, that arm isn’t exactly cheap.

Graphically is clearly the best Halo, ODST introduced a new darker color pallet to the saga and Reach has its own dark environments but the shinier, more colorful scenarios are really gorgeous. The soundtrack and ambientation are masterful as well, you really get to know a fictional planet, and Reach looks and sounds amazing.

In conclusion; Reach has the best Halo Campaign I’ve played. Playing it on Legendary with friends is a hell of a ride; there is a good amount of variety and challenge there for multiple playthroughs. Halo 2 had an epic campaign but the ending, for me, was its biggest sin, and I cannot forgive it even now.

The multiplayer matchmaking experience is also the best; overall balanced, has a lot of options and it rewards you no matter how good you are or how well you did your last match. I think halo is about social gaming, about sharing the experience with others, probably more than any other game. Don’t like a map? forge and submit it. Want to share that awesome kill? record it. Want to just kill stuff? yes that you can do too…

The best Halo so far? I have to say yes, but I also hope there will be another even better, someday…

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  • I could not agree with you more. I don’t even like Halo games that much, but I love Reach. It’s just so much better than the previous titles!

  • r4i

    I can’t imagine someone saying its not! I’m telling you man it’s awesome. Campaign is awesome, multiplayer is awesome and the new Forge World is awesome.

  • Awesome Finale to a great franchise. We dug it… see –

  • r4

    I am sorry that I am a newer for games. Recently I bought a ps3 , I am wondering if the ps3 is much diffierent with the xbox 360? When I see the pictures you send , I feel the xbox is more cool. Thank you.

    • I suggest just buying whatever seems to fit you best, all of the consoles have their own advantages over the others.