The Dark Knight Returns…Er ‘Rises’

Recent news sites all around the web are buzzing today. Christopher Nolan has finally come out of hiding in our dreams within dreams (did you see what we did there?) – and has planted the new title of his third Batman movie within the depths of our mind. Hope you’re ready to wake up. Because I know I’ve been sleeping since The Dark Knight in 2007. Patiently waiting for official news to come.

And come it has. In the form of a exclusive interview conducted with Hero Complex of the L.A. Times, Christopher Nolan has bought the world the title of the next Batman movie. “The Dark Knight Rises.” A straight forward title in my opinion. Clearly Bat’s will finally become the great hero, and the city of Gotham will renown him as such. Surely he will be vindicated of the crimes he had been accused of at the end of the second film.

Also, Nolan took the time to debunk any notion or idea that the villain of the film would be Edward “The Riddler” Nigma. Repeat, The Riddler will not be the villain in the next Batman film. Fortunately, that just eliminates one of many characters from Bat’s rogue gallery. So debate away dear readers. And feel free to answer this below – Who do YOU want to see as the next antagonist to go up against Batman? Who do you think Tom Hardy from Inception will be playing? And further more – what do you think about the title itself?

Source: Hero Complex

By the way, here’s to Hush as the next villain!

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  • A Dark Knight 2

    Any title with the words “Dark Knight,” is awesome…!
    Gonna be a great film…! Thanks for the article..!