Arc The Lad Review(PS3)

Game Review: Arc The Lad
Release: October 12, 2010
Genre: Role Playing, Adventure
Developer: G-Craft
Available Platforms: PlayStation 3, PSP
Players: 1
MSRP: 5.99$
ESRB Rating: E
Website: Arc The Lad

Arc the Lad is a great offering in the PS1 classic line up at a great price. If you are an RPG fan and own a PS3 do yourself a favor you will not be upset with your purchase. You will be rewarded with an amazing story that draws you in and makes you want to continue to play. Turn based movement and battle systems make the game a fun jump into the world of Arc. Get ready to set out on and adventure of a lifetime with Arc the young hero as he fights to save the world from darkness.

Arc the Lad is the best-selling tactical RPG developed by G-Craft that features fast-paced battles and a strong cast of interesting characters. Assume the role of Arc and join forces with Kukuru, Gogen, Poco, and others along the way as they storm castles, escape prison, tempt fate in the depths of a 50 level dungeon, conquer tournaments, and visit the Guardians in a desperate bid to stop the world from being plunged into eternal darkness.
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Most of the game play is based around using one of your characters to fight through hordes of monsters. Assume the role of Arc and join forces with Kukuru, Gogen, Poco each having their own set of skills. Game play consist of turn based play during movement or fights. Moving consists of blocks you move your character so many blocks to progress forward. Enimes roam the battlefields each having different attack types. Players are left with the option and choice of how to dispatch each different enemy type.

Like many other RPG styled games equipment set up is left in the players hands. Making the right choice is crucial to going into battle different weapon types will do more damage. Setting up armor will also better protect your character as they face new enemy types. Choose wisely and victory will surely be yours.

Battles consist of attack, counter attacks straight forward combat should be avoided if at all possible. When approaching an enemy attacking from the side will give you your best option to gain more points. Attacking head on will give the enemy a chance to counter attack which can mean the difference between a win and loss. Killing enemies also rewards the player after battle with some special items.

One thing I found great about the game is that it is a PS1 title and offers some great game play. Story was also one key factor of why the game was easy to get into there was something that made you want to come back for more each time. Updated graphics on the PS3 helped make this game look much more crisp and clean colors were brilliant. Characters were key to the story progression making everything come to life. Game play was also easy so if it is your first time jumping into the RPG world the transition would easy.

Obviously improvements were needed with this being a PlayStation 1 title there are a few holes that could be patched. One major annoyance was the fact that you could not progress when the characters were talking. Being an RPG style game text weighs heavy in the game but you can’t skip it. So you are left reading each piece of text that sometimes become daunting. It is almost a chore to play the game just because of the mass text blocks you have to wade through.

If you have not played the original now is a great time to pick up this title at a low price of 6 dollars. Great game play combined with a story that holds up to some of the great RPG type games. Fans of the Zelda series will find that Arc The Lad is a mirror game but brought to the PS1 then reborn on the PS3.

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