More Games To Set The Mood For Halloween

Halloween is a wonderful time of the year.  Perfect for letting your imagination wander about and looking for ways to give yourself, or others, a good scare.  What better way than to settle in with one of the seasons most recognizable fright inducing resident, Dracula.  I suppose that any old vampire would do, though, in a pinch.  That is unless you are one of the rare few who suffer from sanguivoriphobia, in which case you’ll probably want to avoid any chance of a run-in with such a creature.  Vampires are deadly, frightening and fear inducing creatures that wouldn’t think twice of bleeding you dry if they so wished.  In fact, you’d probably be so entranced that you either wouldn’t know it was happening, or you’d be begging for it to go on.  That is, if your not in the Team Edward camp that sees vampires as sparkly, beautiful creatures that are just misunderstood.  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

For most gamers, when you hear the word vampire and video games, the Castlevania series comes to mind.  Indeed, this series of games has had a long history of entertaining and frustrating gamers at the same time.  It seems appropriate that in a month known for frights and other spooky material, that Castlevania would see a new release with the game Lords of Shadow.   I would not place this game in a category of scary games, however, but to me it does fit in with the general atmosphere surrounding the Halloween season.

One final, more recent game, that is sure to make you jump out of your seat at least once is Alan Wake.  Having come out back in May, you may have already given this impressive game a play through.  However, if you are one of those that has not gotten a chance to play it, I highly recommend doing so as you should be able to find it for a cheaper price.  The premise of the game is certainly spook worthy given that you are armed with a flashlight as your main weapon.  And while you do find pistols and shotguns throughout the game, ammo is limited such that you want to save it for the really tough creatures you fight.  The game is set mainly in the dark of night and you make your way from area to area, trying to stay in the light as best  you can.  Light is safety and keeps you from harm.  Step outside of that light, and you are bound to find yourself facing multiple creatures intent on ripping your body to shreds.  The sound and light effects are all done very well to keep you immersed in the world and on the edge of your seat.

So, there you have it.  Two more games to keep you in the Halloween spirit  while giving your gaming console some love.

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