Reload Heading Our Way

Looking for a little less violence in a shooter?  Blood and guts get to you but you love to pick up a virtual firearm and showing off your shooting skills?  Well Mastiff Games has a game coming your way for the Nintendo Wii and the PC this Winter and will retail for the low price of $19.99.  So if shooting some top weapons sounds fun without the blood and guts, I suggest you checkout the screens below and of course we will let you in on a little more about the game itself.

Remington, whose brand recognition is second only to Nike with sportsmen, is featured prominently in Reload within the game’s target and skeet shooting levels. Whether players are looking for the power of the 870™ Express® Super Slug or the accuracy of the R-15™ 450 Bushmaster, players will see and hear accurate recreations of the latest Remington firearms, such as:

* 887™ Nitro Mag
* Model 1100™ Tac4
* Model 700™ CDL™ SF
* Modular Sniper Rifle (MSR™)

These weapons will join a variety of firearms from other companies, as well as a suite of military hardware from companies such as Wiley X®, exclusive supplier of protective eyewear to the US military, Magnum Research, the manufacturer of legendary magnum-caliber Desert Eagle® Pistol, and Champion Traps and Targets, makers of eco-friendly clay targets and shooting accessories used by professional shooters throughout the world. Players will take aim with heavy duty firepower such as the M32 grenade launcher, the AR-16 and the AA-12 shotgun, frequently called the ultimate military weapon due to its ability to deliver almost 300 12-gauge rounds in a minute. Other military weaponry included within Reload are:

· AK-47
· MP5
· M-107
· .50 Cal LRSR
· .50 Cal Mounted on M988 Troop Carrier
· Mini-gun mounted on M988 Troop Carrier
· M249

For more information be sure to checkout Mastiff Games.

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