Paranormal Activity 3 Is Coming

I almost phrased the title as a question, but with the bank that this series is making, the thrill and great scares of the movies, and the ending of these movies – if you have not seen them, you should. But if you need a more in depth look at this movie before deciding to see it, check out the review of Paranormal Activity 2 by our own Mike Hudec. But even if you don’t plan to see the movie at all, any well minded movie-goer knows that when a movie on a small budget makes big budget movie money, a sequel is expected. And on top of that, if the sequel makes more money than the first, a third movie was probably already on tap. But with a delicate story and film such as Paranormal Activity, you have to wonder, how far do we go from here? Do they repeat the second movie – making an film that is both prequel/sequel? Maybe a more straight forward, bare bones story more like the first movie, because –

They do give a slight back story to the demon, Kristi (the female lead in PA2) and her sister Kati (the female lead from PA1). Stating that the girl’s great, great, grandmother may have made a deal with a demon for wealth and power, in exchange for the soul of the first born boy to the family, which happens to be little baby Hunter seen in all the trailers. Suffice to say, and the end of the movie, Hunter is taken. Kristi and her husband Dan are killed, and Kati – the captor- is still possessed by the demon entity and leaves Ali, the daughter of Dan, to come home to find the bodies of her father, step mom, and a missing baby brother.

Which suffice to say, leaves us, the audience left to wait and speculate what the next movie will be about. Hopefully you are as curious as I am! Here I’d just like to entertain you, dear reader with a few story lines that the writers of the next movie can go with. I’ am going to try my best to stay within the continuity of the movie, and keep the characters on point. If you have yet to see either of the Paranormal Activity movies, I will warn you now, that there are major spoilers and plot reveals ahead. You’ve been warned.

The first storyline I’d like to present, is in my opinion, the most obvious plot to take. At the end of the second film, the credits state that Ali had came home from a school trip, finding the dead bodies of her parents. Left slain by a possessed Kati. Now from what I remember seeing, Ali was highly interested in the supernatural. Saying that it would be pretty awesome and cool if the house was indeed being visited by a ghost, because she was hoping it would be her deceased (biological) mother. She alone did most of the research during the haunting, and discovered the reason why the demon was possibly coming in the first place and whom it was coming for. Her interest is shown throughout the film, as she constantly pleads for her father to read her info, or watch the unexplainable videos. Even going so far as to ask Kristi to believe her. I can see her, older in the sequel as ghost/demon hunter. Eradicating malevolent spirits, and helping other spirits find their place in the after life maybe? All the while, trying to find the whereabouts of her missing brother.

The second plot that could possibly unfold is one that I’ve seen around several message boards. Starting off with Kati somehow loosing the demon entity, and becoming no longer possessed. Maybe a tie in, with the first plot above with Ali on Kati’s trail, and exorcising the demon from her aunt as they work to save Hunter’s soul. There a lot of variables here though. Where would Kati’s memory be? Would she recall what would happen the night she murdered Micah, or the few days later when she murdered Dan and Kristi and kidnapped Hunter? Personally I would enjoy Ali and Kati teaming up to rid themselves and their family of the murderous demon once and for all in this third film.

Lastly, a third path that would follow the same route P.A.2 has taken, by shooting as a prequel/sequel. More discovered home footage of the sisters Kristi and Kati in their youth as their mother and grandmother dabble in the dark arts. Maybe even go as far back as to show how the demon was introduced to this unfortunate family. And then cap off the movie with what happens directly after the events of the second movie.

There are, definitely, for surely so many storylines that could be developed here. Over the last several days, I’ve just been overwhelmed by even thinking about Paranormal Activity. So I’ll need your help from here dear reader, let me know where exactly you’d like to see the story of the demon go? I know a lot of scary/horror film aficionado’s enjoy the movies more when no back story is explained, but what do you think happened to Hunter, Kristi, and Ali and most importantly Martin the maid, and Abby the protective German Shepard? As you ponder, be sure to sleep with every light on, and a house full of people.

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  • mike

    Well. first of all I have not seen the first one yet. I have heard, read, and seen plenty of clips and pics to understand that this is not another “Blair Witch Project”. I would like to see in the 3rd movie, a better conclusion. I do not like to see the ghost or whatever always getting it’s way. I’m glad the kid was not shown getting killed possessed by the demon which would be a good trilogy plan in mind. Although he would have to be a good actor to convince the audience that he’s possessed. If they do decide to end the 3rd chapter with many bodies found dead at the end, how about giving it a choice of 2 o3 different endings. We haven’t seen many of those. I think every horror film should have one or 2. You can have your bloody mess and expect better ending too. That’s another thing. Not many movies have good endings and fall behind in imagination. I can name hundreds of movies like that. It all depends how you end a movie that decides whether you want to see it again or the next sequel. I for one vote to have the next movie have an alternate ending and end it there.

  • jack butler505

    I think the third one is the most intriguing, going back in the family’s history to see just what they did that brought the demons into their family…I don’t really like the second one because of the whole Katie and Ali teaming up…Martina the maid defnitely could be brought back in the third, but I think the dog’s had enough!! Lol

    • I agree, that dog had a seizure during the middle of the movie! Poor dog!

  • Torako

    The 3rd movie should basically be a mixture of options 1 and 2. It should begin where PA2 left off, with Ali coming back and finding what had happened. She should watch back the footage and see either a) everything as it happened or b) that the footage had been altered or damaged. She decides that she wants to know what went on to bring this on the family, so she investigates back into the family’s history, finding some creepy old footage of what happened to Katie/Kristi as kids (main body of the film). It could then move on to show her chasing down Katie and Hunter to get him back, all the while being terrorised by either the same demon, or other demons that don’t want her to succeed. I think this last one could be done entirely from handi-cam perspective, a lรก Cloverfield. CCTV of a door at the end of a corridor opening is scary…but seeing it from their perspective stood actually in said corridor with the door opening further down it…’s creeping me out just picturing it!

  • Richard

    I’m sorry folks, but there is no happy ending with this or any future sequels. This is a basic premise in any story – Comedy/Tragedy – and PA1 & PA2 are definitely Tragedies.

  • Hmm… maybe they only find a dead Hunter. The demon, taking his soul and leaving.

    That’d be pretty tragic.

  • dakel

    well, the second one was ok, i was wondering abt the third coz i watched one paranormal activity abt a sister and brother……along with their mother can anyone elaborate which part is this!!!!!

    • jason

      that was called paranormal entity. had nothing to do with the paranormal activity line. it was a bad mix of PA,blair witch, and an old movie called the entity.

  • scarey

    This might be an idea:

    Perhaps bring in the psychic or whoever it was towards the end of PA 1, that didnt want into the house to help (cant remember the name off the top of my head) to do the same style film to document the incidents of the 2 sisters/2families.

    Due to the police not knowing what to do with what they have witnessed on the 2 sets of video, the psychic would review both the video of Micah and the security camera footage of the Rey’s home, plus information he would get from the daughter and even perhaps the housekeeper and start filming a documentary footage of the 2 sister’s history (he could employ the help of the daughter haha and boyfriend) which could end up with the conclusion of finding Katie and Hunter back where it started……at the home of the great grandmother (although it could be someone else) who made the deal, and well from there end it.

  • Tammy Adams

    I love these movies!!

    I think Ali needs to go back and review all the videos from Kati and her home security videos after finding everyone dead and not able to get help from the phychic dude that Kati called in PA1 or from the local law enforcement.
    Then after reviewing all the videos, do more research of her family history. I like the idea of her finding some old vidoes of her grandmother and other family members dabbing in the ocult. She needs to then become a demonoligist and search for Kati and Hunter all with the help of the familys loving dog, Abbey. She knows what this demon looks like. HAHA!! Poor Abbey!
    Then the writers could let their imagination run with the whole hauntings in the home and the weird things happening in the house and with Ali & Abbey. And of course bring in the boyfriend and freak him out with all this demon talk and hauntings in the home. Gotta have the macho guy trying to save his girl.
    Whatever route the witers take works with me. Just do another few PA movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chemchic1

    Ali is the key. She needs to find her brother. Her and that boy should team up, investigate Kristi’s and Katie’s past. That picture of the little girl should come back. How would this be filmed to show any paranormal activity?? That’s the question. Is it possible that the technology from the sister’s past will reveal the demon? I like the idea of going to the original house where the deal was made. If great grandmother became wealthy then the house should still be standing. It could be set up like a ghost hunting investigation. Katie and Hunter will eventually wind up back at the house. So many choices…..
    PA3 definitely needs to stick with the servaillence/hand held documentary style.

    • The little girl in the burnt photo was katie. See, in PA2 Dan had no other choice but to pass the demon on to katie to get it out of kristi.

  • sharon

    when is the 3rd one being realised?cause i really want 2 see it!!!!!:D

  • Well, the third one comes out next October – You can read it about it there. Oren Peli says that it’s in the works.

    I definitely like the idea of Ali being the one who looks deeper into Kristi and Katie’s past. She has to be a, if not the main character of the next film.

  • I think Ali should be the main character and starts looking deeper into Kristi and Katie’s past. Realising they were haunted as kids, she should begin to piece things together and know that Katie is going to hand baby Hunter over to the demon. I think Ali should set out to find Katie and Hunter but while she searches for them I think it should show where Katie is and her in hiding and being tormented still by the demon. I think it should end with Ali finding Katie with Hunter and Katie trying to kill Ali like she killed her dad and then Ali stopping katie, grabs Hunter just in time and the demon kills Katie instead. Then Hunter and Ali go and live happily ever after with relative. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That would be really sad. I think Katie should be alive, after all, its not her fault. I think that Ali should find that demonologist Dr.Johaan Abery, and ask him how to keep the demon out of katie’s body permanantly. With Hunter still alive, she can live with katie and hunter. But then the hauntings would start again, and she would call the demonologist again, and then at the near end Dr. Johaan Abery will tell them how to get rid of the demon permanantly. The demon would posess Dr. Johaan , and he would try to kill them, ends up stabbing himself “accidentally”, and then they would get rid of the demon permanantly. At the end katie and ali would explain everything to the police, and they would beleive them since they watched the videos. The text would state Katie, Ali, and Hunter lived happily in a suburban house happily, and peacefully.

  • PA3 needs to be more gruesome and terrifying than the first two. Thats the key. It needs to show lots to evidence about the demon its self and what it’s trying to do. I think there shouldn’t be another family in this one – too many characters.

    • I agree. But not too gruesome, it would probably make me barf if it was too much gruesome. And I agree on the ‘ there shouldn’t be another family in this one. The main characters should be Ali, Katie, Hunter, The Demon, and Dr.Johaan Abery (demonologist).

  • joe

    all they need to do is keep the story tight and not try any new twists that go outside the realism displayed in these two films. They worked so well because they seemed like one movie. They need to hold to that… BTW Blair witch could have been great had the creators been allowed to do what they wanted, A historical piece focusing on a cultish witch in the would that psychopathically kills the local settlers. That would have been a film worth seeing.

  • honestly the first two ideas are not really going to be used obviously. reason is because with every paranormal activity movie, it has been a Halloween movie series. and as much as id even like to see the first two plot ideas happen, they will probably due another prequel since it has more scaring possibilities.

  • I LOVE PARONORMAL ACTIVITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i agree that ali should be in number 3 looking for her brother BUT!!! in pa2 she wanted to leave when krista or whatever her name is was posessed and in her brothers room! so that kinda makes it look like she didnt want to save him bc she kept saying dad lets go lets go we cant stay here and her dad was saying i cant leave your baby brother here!! so ya i dont think she has the balls to go looking for her brother!! and it would be stupid for them to make her go and look for him! sorry ๐Ÿ™

  • Rob

    There a Major loop hole in paranormal activity 1 and 2 in the first one the demon was haunting the couple mika and katie ,but in the second one its haunting her sister and husband at the same time so the loop hole is how can the same demon be in two places at once?

    • um, in the second one the demon was haunting kristi and dan’s family first, but when kristi got posessed the only way to get rid of it was to transfer the demon to a blood line relative, as martine said, so they passed it on to katie since she was the only blood line relative they knew. Hense why katie got posessed and took the baby.

  • There were no loopholes…PA2 took place before and after PA. They sent the demon to Katies house to get it out of Kristi, and Katie came back and killed them. I wouldn’t mind seeing the series move forward instead of backward. The demon would obviously not leave Katies body after all that work to possess her. Maybe have the police catch up to her, kill her in self-defense and send Hunter to relatives to live with them. Its the easiest story to run through without going into the family history, even though they did hint on it throughout PA2.

    • Uhhh, you can’t kill a person with a demon inside them, for one, demon’s aren’t human and you can’t kill them unless you are an expert and know how too, and two, if a demon is inside a person, the demon keeps him/her alive unless it leaves the body and the person was shot in the heart or whatever is left dead.

  • I wanna know what happen to Ali n hunter that I wanna know were r there now did day die or did they fine hunter n were is ali ??

  • Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer HD

  • I think They should share some light upon Ali’s biological mom, and kristi and katie’s mother. Maybe Ali’s true mom’s mom had a friendship and did a lot of seance’s and all that crap.

  • I might have some possibilities:

    1. Ali should review the tapes of Katie and Kristi of when they were kids.

    2. Then Ali should watch the tapes of what happened to Katie & Micah.

    3. Then she should contact that demonologist Dr. Johaan Abery and ask him how to deal with the demon that’s haunting The family.

    4. Then after knowing how to deal with the demon, Ali should go back to the place where Katie & Kristi’s mother’s house burned down. Ali could find a Katie doing a ritual to sacrifice Hunter to the demon. Ali exorcises the demon out of Katie, destroys the demon, and at the end Ali explains what Katie did, and Katie, Hunter, and Ali,go live happily, and peacefully in a house.

  • I have a couple of ideas.
    1. I really like the idea of a mental institution. Plently of cameras to watch the patients and an already spooky atmosphere, although possibly a little too cliche. If Katie did get released by the demon, and she started ranting about ghosts and her killing 3 people, she’d obviously get put in an asylum.
    2. Katie and Kristi as children would be a good one. It could contain footage from an old family video camera (which would give the whole thing a pretty cool retro look).
    3. Ali looking for katie and hunter would be another possibility, but i dunno about this one.
    4. Or we could go further into the past and discover katie’s relatives, although i think this is a bit of a push and i’m not quite sure how’d they do it whilst keeping the series USP.

    What’d you think?

  • Ndnalmighty

    Trailer of Paranormal activity 3!