Unsung Heroes – Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween everybody! It’s that time of the week again when I give a shout out to the people, places, and things that make our games fun. We are going to celebrate this awesome holiday by delving into the macabre. The darkness in which the unknown lurks, waiting to pounce and tear our throats out. This week’s Unsung Heroes are the Zombies!

Oh Zombies, how I love thee! The way you walk. The way you talk. The way you want to eat my intestines and smash my face on a rock. Zombies are one of the hottest commodities in entertainment right now. Everywhere you look, there’s a new Zombie movie, tv show, book, or video game coming out. The world is in love with Zombies. Just trying giving one a hug though!

Zombies originated from African voodoo rituals where a Witchdoctor would “reanimate” a dead corpse for his own personal use. As time has passed on though, Zombies have mutated into ghastly creatures of terror that are relentless in the pursuit of human flesh. Newer versions of Zombies are stemmed from pandemics and aren’t necessarily “reanimated dead”. They were once alive and breathing just as you and I are at this moment, but some virus/chemical spread and infected the living and turned them into our beloved Unsung Heroes.

The last thing you want to see if you were a Zombie!

Zombies are a great way to make a good game even better and there are lots of games that have them. Dead Rising 2 offers a crap ton of ways to kill Zombies and is a helluva good game to boot. Resident Evil has strayed away from the old school Zombies (slow but steady) for the new school Zombies (fast and full of terror). Red Dead Redemption has a brand new expansion pack (Undead Nightmare) with Zombies as the focal point. Call of Duty: World at War had Nazi Zombies! Lots of Arcade and Indie games have Zombies in them as well. Heck you can’t even shake a stick at the Indie games section without hitting a Zombie game.

So whether you are a Romero fan, or into Voodoo, or even just a regular gamer, don’t ever forget to thank the Zombies for making your games full of blood, puss, guts, and love.

Zombies, I Salute You!

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