Jaffe Responds To Twisted Metal Fan Movie

First off, if you haven’t seen it, you should watch this fan-made trailer for a movie proposed by David Jaffe himself via his Twitter account a while ago. Out of eagerness, boredom, PCP, or whatever it is that propels people to make stuff for YouTube, the crew over at Blue Goggles Films has made Jaffe’s “honest to goodness, low-budget slasher movie” a reality.

Did you love it? I know I did; everything from the music to the portrayal of Sweet Tooth is just about pitch perfect. You know who else did? David f’ing Jaffe. Joystiq got in contact with both the creators of the video and Jaffe and got their perspectives on the whole thing.

In words that undoubtedly came out of Jaffe’s mouth, he said it is “fucking fantastic — and you can quote me on that.” He went on to say that it’s “totally the kind of thing I want to see happen to the character,” a sentiment I couldn’t agree more with.

While Sony has yet to respond to the notion of a PSN-exclusive slasher flick based on Sweet Tooth, both Jaffe and the fine folks at Blue Goggles Films are hopeful it will happen. What are your thoughts?

Source from Joystiq.

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