Rock Band Exporting And DLC – Too Much Of A Good Thing?

You would think that, having had Rock Band 3 since its release on Tuesday, that I have been spending massive amounts of time playing and perfecting things like Pro Keys, Expert drums on the new songs, or amassing fans to follow my incredibly awesome band, Buddy and the Lunchpails.  You would think this, because this is what I thought I would be doing with my time in the first week as well.

As it turns out, most of my time has actually been spent trying to manage the space on my Xbox’s hard drive to accommodate all of the awesomeness that Rock Band 3 can handle at once.  Never mind that the game comes with 80+ songs, it can also play just about every song from other releases as well as the DLC and RBN releases.  And the in-game sorting options actually make all of these songs fairly accessible (as much as a list of music can be without using a pointer device).

So if there’s so much awesome, what’s the problem? How can you have too much of a good thing?

Well, currently I have over 200 songs for DLC, Green Day, Lego Rock Band, Rock Band 1, Rock Band 2, and the Country Track packs all exported onto my hard drive.  Well, that’s not entirely true, I have Green Day waiting to be exported.  Why? Because I still have the stock 20GB hard drive on my Xbox.  And as I’m now finding out, it can’t quite handle all of this awesome and still be expected to host ANY other data from other games.  I have spent the better part of 3 days moving saved games, deleting arcade titles, removing add-on packs, and skimming through rock band saves for redundant downloads (single tracks that I later got as multipacks). All of this so that I can handle a quarter of what’s available in Rock Band in total.

So now I’ve confiscated my wife’s 4GB jump drive (since the 16GB I bought apparently doesn’t have a fast enough transfer speed for Xbox), and now have nothing but Rock Band on my hard drive.  The problem?  It’s still not enough space to export Green Day to the hard drive.  I officially maxxed out my 20GB in nothing but Rock Band, and now am forced to either stop adding to my collection (and never save a game from another game on my hard drive), or update the hard drive.  I suppose it was inevitable, and there is a massive amount of content I have for Rock Band 3 as a result, but it’s just a little disheartening that I couldn’t get a full life cycle out of the stock equipment that came with my device.   I don’t even have TV shows or music on the hard drive, it’s just save files and a few arcade titles (early gen arcade titles that are under 40 MB).

I guess it’s time to find good prices on hard drives.

What do you think? Do you have any issues with the space on your console hard drive?  Have you had to make choices as to what to keep, and what to delete?  Are you afraid if you delete content, you won’t be able to find it again to redownload something you’ve paid for? Was this poor planning on Microsoft’s part, or an eventuality that console gamers must embrace?

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  • Ba

    Yep, I just discovered Rock Band in April, and now I have Lego RB, Green Day, AC/DC, RB1,RB 2 and piles of DLC songs all on my HD. I was in your quandry a couple months ago, when I realized how simple it is to expand HD space on the 360. I went and bought a 250gb laptop HD for like $30, followed some instructions from the web and swapped it into the carrier. And let’s face it, if you have a 20gb HD, you’re not under warranty anyway.

  • Mecotterill

    Ive got a 4 gb xbox – what the he’ll am I gonna do?

    Will RB3 run dlc stored on a memory stick or removable device in USB?

    • Zac Campbell (exterminator13)

      Yes, I am pretty sure it will, just as long as you bought the songs under your acount

  • console_gamer

    I upgraded my PS3 hard drive to 250G for $83. just sayin

  • Well the good thing about deleting Arcade titles is that you can always just go back and download them again later. That’s what I do if I get tired of them, or if I need to make some space.

  • Zac Campbell (exterminator13)

    I have a 120 that is petty much full, mostly with video game installs (because I don’t like running the game off the disc) and the rest with songs. I have all the exports except Band Hero for Guitar Hero and that’s 6.5 gigs, then I have 10 gigs of Rock Band DLC songs including the export of every full Rock Band game export, and almost one gig of RBN songs. So around 19 gigs of songs.

  • Well, the order has been placed.. a 250 GB HD is on its way, and this issue should resolve itself early next week.

    I forgot I had the AC/DC disc exported to..

    Knowing my luck, my Xbox will crap out on me next month, making this purchase wholly wasted 🙂

  • GUI J

    At the end of the day one cannot complain about to much of a good thing right? Its Rock Band and the fact that they provide support for previous title tells us that they only want us to have the complete experience with every title. At this point RockBand is the official party starter anyone and everyone can have a good time.

  • Nice work Tymmy. Looking forward to singing lots of Beatles songs next month.