Electronic Game Show 2010

EGS (that’s Electronic Game Show) is one of the biggest video games events on Latin America and most certainly the biggest there is in Mexico. Over 35,000 people attended this year’s event and I have tried to get as much info as I could on this short article.

To put it simple; EGS is somehow a little version of E3 for consumers and press. We get to see some developers, participate in some conferences and test games. It is also important to know that Nintendo and Sony had no direct participation this year, leaving Microsoft and Kinect with a pretty good corporative image.

Let’s talk gaming; the most important titles able for you to play here were Gears of War 3 and some other Kinect titles suck as Dance Central, Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures. All of them are awesome, Gears of War 3 was playable on this new mode called “Beast Mode” where you play as different types of Locust leading to different strategies to kill the COG soldiers. Kinect is almost upon us and for what I can feel, it works, it has a little bit of lag if you are really good to notice those kind of things, but all of the games work, and all of them are a polished “party” experience. It will definitely be a worthy contender for PS Move.

You look cool son, yes you do…

Other publishers such as Konami presented Pro Evolution Soccer 11, Rock Band 3, Fifa 11 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (I know, it’s already available). Other games already out we got to play were DJ Hero 2, Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock and Lucha Libre AAA Heroes of the Ring. We even got to see some real Lucha Libre on the arena-shaped scenario specially built for this game show.

Lucha Libre is an awesome sport…

Another big tradition here is the Latin Gamer Tournament where hundreds of players play a specific game (the most popular this year were Starcraft 2 and Super Street Fighter IV). This tournament has been up for years as an effort to create a professional gamer league in Mexico; unfortunately little things have changed over the years.

There were also some other amazing games on the EGS such as Black Ops, Bulletstorm and Mortal Kombat but these were only mentioned on conferences detailing things most international media already know. Trailers and pics were shown and overall the excitement and expectations for these were minimum most of the time.

Some Black Ops, can’t wait for this one.

The ugly truth about EGS is that it is manager and/or influenced by a very selective group of stores and dedicated media. This group didn’t let Sony or Nintendo into the show and unfortunately most of the show was about the national magazines and/or video game stores offering some EXCLUSIVE pre-orders for this event, meaning that if I didn’t get to pre-order my Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition over there I’ll have to look for another (usually less known) shop to do it. The media is also another big Mafia on the Mexican video games industry; I asked for requirements to get some press (or even general public) passes in order to cover as much as I could for P*N. I gave them contact info for a couple of our editors and never got a response. Truth is there was no system to choose the media able to attend to all the conferences and have a special treatment, a handful of media got passes for what I was able to investigate, a shame really.

To give you a better idea of how it went, I’ll now include some booth babes so you can see how beautiful Mexican girls are, they were very nice to us all the time, kudos and respect to them.

Maybe with time the EGS will achieve all of its goals. It is indeed full of good ideas, there is almost nothing like it happening in Latin America, but it needs time and a lot of effort. The Mexican market has grown a lot and we are hoping more companies take us a little bit more seriously. The next event in Mexico City is called “Conexion PlayStation” on November 13-14. This event is exclusive for PlayStation products such as Gran Turismo 5, SOCOM 4 and Heavy Rain Move Edition. We’ll try to cover this for you as well.

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  • Sam Handrick (MDSRocker)

    Nice writup! I had never actually heard of this before,but It’s good to know how many gaming events there are these days.