Evil Controllers Mod Your Experience

Gamers are always looking for the upper hand when playing their favorite game and maybe you have even modded your controller to fit your needs.  Well Evil Controllers is here for all of you modded controllers needs to include the newest part of their line-up the Evil D-Pad.  Now they do not only have d-pads for the modders out there but they have just about anything you would need to make your controller totally Evil.  Here is a little more about the Evil D-Pad and don’t forget to checkout their website for you next modding experience.

Evil Controllers, the leading developers of modified controllers, are proud to announce their new product, the Evil D-Pad. For almost 5 years Microsoft has left gamers with an impotent directional pad. A D-Pad so worthless most gamers stopped using it altogether (unless they had to), but that didn’t mean game designers had. At Evil Controllers the mad scientists have made their decision to step up to the plate. While Adam Coe is running the show, he’s still a serious gamer and he says, “You know, there isn’t anything more frustrating then losing a match because the controller didn’t respond correctly, and it’s funny, because the solution for this kind of problem is so simple.”

Looks like Evil Controllers speaks from experience as Adam Coe knows how we all hate to lose a match because our controllers weren’t responding like we want them to.

From then on Evil Controllers was on a mission, and their redesign promises that all of your inputs are 100% accurate. This controller modification transforms the D-Pad to the core of what it is. 4 buttons. The simplicity of it’s design allows gamers to avoid errors made using the traditional axis D-pad to ensure only their intended inputs are registered.

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