Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare First 15 Minutes

If you haven’t picked up Undead Nightmare yet we have provided you with the first 15 minutes of the game thanks to the folks over at G4.  Now before you go to the video this is right from the game so if you haven’t picked it up as of yet and you do not want to see what happens during the first 15 minutes do not proceed (this is your only warning).   I had to watch this again because this is probably the best DLC I have ever picked up and I just enjoy watching the first 15 minutes of Undead Nightmare.

So Happy Halloween from P*N and thanks to G4 for the video.

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  • Great job. We’re about to release a similar video.

    I actually enjoy the zombie pack. Just another reason to bust RDR back out. I can put NCAA 11 on the shelf for a while..

    Good video.

    BOOYA !