More Bejeweled Coming This December!

What is it with the human condition and its need to categorize things…specifically, other humans? In the world of the high schooler, there are a plethora of ways to be pigeon-holed: jock, cheerleader, preppy, geek, goth — the list goes on. The same could be said for the gamer, although the options appear to be more limited: you’re either hardcore or you’re casual. At least that’s how a lot of people seem to view it.

Leave it to a developer like PopCap to go and mess with a big fish like the human condition. Bejeweled, Peggle, Plants vs. Zombies — these are the games that are attracting gamers, both hardcore and casual alike. And, of course, you can never have too much of a good thing. That’s probably why PopCap is releasing the third, that’s right, third, [official] installment of the Bejeweled franchise.

As of December 7th, Bejeweled fanatics will be able to gorge themselves on Bejeweled 3, and, brace yourself, here’s a list of the included features:

Play the most popular puzzle game of the century, with powerful new gems and new ultra-smooth gameplay

Journey through 40 magical puzzles in this multifaceted Bejeweled challenge!

Personalize your experience with ambient sounds and binaural beats–a revolutionary new way to relax!

Charge up with a heart-pounding, beat-the-clock bout of gem-blasting fun!

Secret Games
Unlock 4 all-new games including Butterflies and Ice Storm

Earn up to 65 badges to prove your skills

High-definition graphics and high-fidelity audio
Bejeweled is now more dazzling than ever before!

From the looks of it, this is going to be more Bejeweled…but it’s gonna be turned up to 11, baby! Badges, high-def, jewels — what more could a guy (or gal) ask for? Don’t deny it, you know you’re excited. No, seriously, you got a little drool there.

Information comes via GiantBomb

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