No IJIEK Jackets Means Half Off MvC3

Ah, Amazon. You’ve tried your best with Dead Rising 2 fans. Initially, preorders of Dead Rising 2 led to gamers getting either a store-exclusive DLC (which is now just purchasable-on-Live DLC) or Amazon’s exclusive Avatar outfit, turning your Avatar into Chuck Greene. They soon had issues getting the codes to gamers. After a few weeks, Amazon offered up $10 credits to the Video Game Store. Now, after a few more weeks, Amazon has sent this e-mail out to customers.


We’re writing again to let you know the pre-order codes for the Dead Rising 2 Avatar Outfits have been delayed indefinitely.

We’re very sorry about this.  To help make up for the disappointment, we want to offer a 50% off promotional certificate to use toward the purchase of the Xbox 360 version of Marvel vs Capcom 3 sold and shipped by  Here’s your code:

Promotional Certificate Amount: 50% off Marvel vs Capcom 3 X360

So, theoretically, Xbox 360 gamers who preordered Dead Rising 2 on Amazon can effectively get Marvel VS. Capcom 3, at launch, for $20.

While I may still want my Chuck Greene gear (and the usage of the word “indefinitely” doesn’t completely exclude it’s possibility), seeing a major discount on a game I want is nice. I did get a chance to play the fighter at Capcom’s Fight Club last week, and Dante, Deadpool, and Chris Redfield almost pulled out a win.

One must wonder why the outfits have been near-cancelled. They showed off the outfits when they announced the deal. Today’s 360 OS upgrade did change the style of Avatars slightly, but all outfits have been said to work eventually.

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