Online Multiplayer: There’s No I In Team

Online gaming is full of adventure. From tough guys to team killers, there’s just one thing I must ask when it comes to the world of online multiplayer: What happened to teamwork and just having fun?

The worst part about this is that there seems to be a “me first” mindset between players when playing completely team based match types. Why should you grab the tank in Halo: Reach if all you’re going to do is go right out into the middle of the map and get yourself killed? Aren’t we playing capture the flag? When playing simple team based match types people seem to forget that the one key to winning is teamwork!

As easy as the concept may seem, there are always those that think that you must be a sole entity on the battlefield to be commended on your performance. Don’t get enough kills in a game that’s not all about killing? Well, someone is going to blast you for it (even if they aren’t doing any better). Make an honest mistake and accidentally do something that hurts the team a little bit? Again, off with your head! Just getting killed in general? That’s YOUR problem!

The face of your newest loudmouthed, team killing, alpha male enemy

This sentiment doesn’t necessarily stand for parties of people, but rather those random guys you get teamed up with in matchmaking every now and then. I actually played Gears of War 2 with someone a while back and he apologized to me for not getting as many kills as he expected to get. He actually apologized because of this ridiculous standard that’s being set in the online community. I know that winning is a great feeling (trust me I HATE to lose just as much as anyone), but what happened to just having some freakin’ fun nowadays man? It seems as if people take today’s gaming a little too seriously and it takes the actual fun of playing one of your favorite games with other people away.

With all of that said I must ask; are you one of the types that hate playing with “noobs” and let them know about it? Are you more laid back and don’t mind losing as much if you just have fun with the game? Do you just want to play single player and leave all of the scary folks alone? What do you think of how online gaming has shaped up over the years in general?

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  • Josh p

    Love this! I’m so tired of going on cod and getting attacked by random guys calling me a noob bc I like to dick around with a riot sheild with my friends. I’m having fun why can’t they haha