UPDATED: Reach Level Cap Removal Imminent

UPDATE: As of this afternoon, the thermometer is reading full, and Bungie has announced that the level cap has been removed.  New ranks and armor are now available in Halo Reach!

Original story: Halo Reach has been one of the most popular game on Xbox Live as of late, but a level cap at Lt. Colonel Grade 3 has kept the most dedicated players from advancing their ranks to Commander and beyond.  Bungie implemented a “global challenge” last month for Reach users to attain 117 million completed challenges as a means of releasing the cap.  At the time, Bungie projected the challenge would be met at some point in November.  As of today, November 1, the challenge thermometer on is hovering just below the 117 million mark, and a release of the level cap is likely to occur within the next 24 hours.  Stay tuned here for updates.

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  • jason

    Ya Its been like this all day the weekly update said the predict the cap will be in mid nov i dont think the meter is accurate

  • Chris

    The cap will more than likely be gone today. Think about it, new update coming out as the metre is almost full?

  • Jackson

    The cap has been lifted I am now a commander grade three. They also put slayer pro back into arena but instead of just sprint you can also now use hologram or armor lock. It also seems that as your rank increases you get more credits for the game complete category when the game is finished I am now averaging about 1500 credits a game because I get about 1000 credits for competing a game