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Welcome to the first in a weekly series of articles titled “This Article Is About“. The premise is simple, this article is the one place to look for all the information about a specific game that you could possibly imagine. This week, the lucky game in question is Rock Band 3,  Harmonix’s Rock Band 2 sequel.  Game Info,  Mini Reviews,  Writer Views,  Tips,  Tricks,  Achievement Lists. You name it,  it’s here. So buckle up.  Sit back. And get your fill of Rock Band 3 before you get the game.

Rock Band 3 is a long awaiting game, not just for the music game genre, but for gaming in general. The Rock Band series is one of the most social video games out there.  Bringing families and friends together to sit around a group of plastic instruments rocking out to your favourite songs.  Rock Band 3 wasn’t just a sequel to the highly acclaimed Rock Band 2, but it was also considered to be the game that would pull the music game genre out of the hole that it is currently in. Fair enough Guitar Hero is bringing out music games, but that downward spiral of a series is nowhere near comparable to the quality of the Rock Band series. Don’t even mention PowerGig and Rock Revolution, because they don’t count…as anything, definitely can’t beat two big franchises.

Not only do you get 83 new songs on disc, but you also get all of the previous Rock Band DLC imported into the game, including Green Day RB and Lego RB too. For some people this will expand your Rock Band Library to hundreds, possibly thousands of songs. But wait, you still have to play with crappy plastic instruments covered in grease and stickiness from last years “soda explosion” fiasco. Don’t be so sure. Rock Band 3 comes with PRO mode instruments, including a keyboard (not keytar) and a 100+ button PRO Guitar. These instruments will take a lot of mastering even to a plastic instrument veteran but they are said to completely revolutionize the music game genre, requiring real skill and honest practice.

Rock Band 3 is out in stores on:
US: 26/10/2010 – Out NOW!
29/10/2010 – Out NOW!
AUS: 28/10/2010 – Out NOW!

For the X360, PS3, Wii*, DS**
*Probably remarkably toned down from the X360 and PS3 but still Rock Band
** Get a console will ya?

Questions, Questions, Questions:

This week, three questions and a bonus question were asked to the staff of Platform Nation and here’s what they said:

Question 1:  Will or won’t you be buying Rock Band 3, why?

Steven Buccini: I will be buying Rock Band 3 because Harmonix has done a fantastic job on all of the previous releases. Both the first and second Rock Band are worth their weight in gold in terms of replayability and fun, so the third instalment is definitely a must buy.

Tym Kaywork: I bought Rock Band 3 – I host happy hours that utilize Rock Band as the focus, so it was logical. That, and I still get massive enjoyment from the series. The updates and upgrades were needed and are excellent.

Brian Heitzenrater: Most Definitely! Rock Band is one of the best game series out there. It is far superior to Guitar Hero and a ton of fun to play. I’m hoping to find it on sale during Black Friday or sometime during the Christmas shopping season.

Cooper Bibaud: I’ll be skipping out on Rock Band 3. I was never fully swept up into this genre in the first place. I’ve had my fun for sure with Guitar Hero, Rock Band and DJ Hero but I can’t help but feel cheated with every new release that comes out. It’s cool what they’ve been able to do with instruments, and the artists, as well as wannabe artists, but at the end of the day I just don’t have anymore room for fake instruments in my life.

Rane Pollock: After buying the original Rock Band, then being a day one purchaser of Rock Band 2 (and paying to export all the songs from Rock Band 1), I am not going to be buying Rock Band 3. Why? the track list is a huge factor. Also, the inclusion of the keyboard peripheral doesn’t do anything for me. Also, I feel like Pro mode is a complete waste on someone that plays on Medium and is perfectly content like me.

The track list, to me, feels like it has been watered down to the point that there isn’t much rock in it anymore. When I play a music game there are always songs that I slog through even thought I don’t know them or like them because I know the next song is one I love. The track list for Rock Band 3 reads like its 70% of those songs you slog through to get to the good stuff. For every mid life Crisis, there’s a Good Vibrations and imagine that negates it.

The track list also feels weighted towards the keyboard. I know Harmonix wants to show it off, but for someone like me that will not spend the money on the plastic, it just makes the game even less appealing. When I play Rock Band I play guitar. I rarely do vocals and have only twice sued my drums. Why would I buy a new game filled with features that I will never use?

Adam Jagger: Yes, I will be buying Rock Band 3. I have every Guitar Hero, every Rock Band game so I might as well carry on my collection and get Rock Band 3, it would be interesting playing against and with keyboards, maybe even seeing someone play with the PRO Guitar. With each new Rock Band/Guitar Hero game there is always something new that gives you the “ooo” factor but then about 30 minutes in you are bored of playing weak “rock” songs.

Question 2:  Do you think the PRO instruments will make any impact on the music game genre? Are the high prices really worth it?

Steven Buccini: The PRO instruments should make a huge impact on the game if it is as good as it claims to be. However, I will need to get my hands on it before I can really make a final determination.

Tym Kaywork: PRO instruments will certainly revitalize music games for people bored with expert (at least on guitar – drums isn’t too much of a difference). The fact that you are now getting translatable skills to real instruments is a nice perk. While you won’t be able to read real music, the barrier to entry is significantly reduced by developing the dexterity to play, and understanding positioning.

Brian Heitzenrater: I think that they will make a huge impact. I already play Bass Guitar in real life (I’m even in a band that plays regularly), and I am excited to try out the PRO mode and instruments. Maybe I’ll learn something new!

Cooper Bibaud: It’s cool that they are now offering slightly more in-depth/realistic approaches to the instruments, almost like we are levelled up a a society and are ready for more complexity, but again, it’s not enough for me to want to purchase and get excited about again.

Rane Pollock: The price of entry was high for the original game and it was a hit. Now everyone has asked instruments and are being asked to upgraded again. I think the PRO instruments are going to be a hard sell. I wouldn’t invest in the PRO instruments because I have no aspirations towards actually learning guitar.

Adam Jagger: I am so tempted to buy the PRO guitar because I’m way too lazy to learn real guitar and this is the only alternative. I think people that are really into music games will be affected by the PRO instruments but they are a bit pricey.

Question 3:  If you already own Rock Band/Guitar Hero instruments, will you be buying more with RB3?

Steven Buccini: I will not be buying any new instruments for this instalment.

Tym Kaywork: I currently own Rock Band 1 instruments, so my goal is to eventually upgrade to wireless ones. I’ve already gotten 3 wireless mics through various LIPS deals on Amazon (essentially getting 2 lips games and 3 mics for $40). I picked up the keyboard at time of purchase, so I just need wireless drums and 2 wireless guitars and I’m all set.

Brian Heitzenrater: I plan on buying a PRO guitar after the holidays. I already own the Fender Squire Rock Band guitar but that doesn’t do me a lot of good with PRO mode, heh. My wife plays along as well and she has an Ion Drum Kit so she is all set

Rane Pollock: Unless something breaks (I have three guitars) I won’t be buying any new instruments.

Adam Jagger: Nope. Just got a new one Guitar with GH:WoR.

Bonus Question:  Which is best, Rock Band 3 or Guitar Hero: WoR?

Tym Kaywork: There is no contest on which is best – Rock Band 3

Brian Heitzenrater: I just finished up Warriors of Rock and I have to say that I was impressed with it. It is the best Guitar Hero game that Neversoft has made, BUT it still can’t compare to the awesomeness of Rock Band. It’s like this, Guitar Hero would be like seeing a Cheesy 80’s Hair band play in a seedy bar while Rock Band would be like seeing AC/DC, KISS, or Led Zeppelin live in concert at a huge outdoor arena!

Rane Pollock: Haven’t played either game, but if I were to go buy one today, it would be Warriors of Rock. It actually has rock songs in it.

Adam Jagger: Guitar Hero with Rock Band 3’s setlist and music download catalogue.

A huge thanks to Steven, Tym, Brian, Rane and Cooper for answering those questions.

And that’s it for this weeks This Article Is About, if you have any suggestions or tips for the feature then go ahead and comment below, but until next week, keep on gaming!

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