Kiko: The Last Totem Review (iPod/iPhone)

Game Review: Kiko: the Last Totem
Release: 28/10/2010
Available Platforms:
Players: 1
£0.59 /$0.99
ESRB Rating:

Kiko: The Last Totem is the newest game from the people that brought us Crossroads HD for the iPad. Kiko is a guardian for a Totem that protects his island. Unfortunately Yaru the Lord of the forbidden island has stolen it, as Kiko it is your job to get it back before Yaru destroys it and leaves your home in danger.

The object of the game is simple, you control the Kiko and a few of his friends and you must get Kiko and all his friends onto their appropriate squares. To move the characters into the appropriate square you swipe in one of four directions(up, down, left and right) once started Kiko will continue moving in a straight line until he hits his target or an obstacle gets in his way.

As you would expect, the further you go the harder each level becomes. The early easy levels act as a tutorial and introduce the basic concepts required in order to complete the game. You will need to utilise squares that teleport you, Kiko’s friends and even the walls around you in order to stop on the required square.

The game isn’t always as it seems, some levels are much harder than they look and others give the impression that they are more complicated to solve than they actual are, this helps keep you on your toes  as you can’t just assume that a feature is included in a level and therefore must be used to complete the level.

Fabulapps have included a level editor with the game, giving the game endless potential. You can even share your levels with friends by sending them an email. Your friends will get an email with a link to your level as well as the game itself from the app store (which they will need to purchase) This feature is so good that it deserves to be expanded, I can only hope that a future update allows for a place where I can submit and download new levels that have been created by the community. This will truly unlock its potential.

I would love to see an undo button, I lost count at the number of times I was one swipe away from solving a puzzle but either moved the character the wrong way or moved the wrong character.  While you can just swipe the character back this doesn’t always put you back into the same place that you started from and more often than not would require a complete level restart to undo the damage.

This game shares some similarities with a game that we have previous reviewed (Tomb of Qin) so if you enjoyed that then you will like this. Kiko: The last Totem is a brilliant and addictive game and with 150 levels included and a level creator then there is potential for hours of fun which cannot be ignored for less than $1/£1.

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