Pieces Of A Whole

There’s one genre that I’ve never seen attempted in games that I think could potentially lead to some of the greatest moments in the medium: the anthology.
In other forms of media, be it film or comics, the anthology is an opportunity for a select group of voices to come together and tell stories usually under a common theme. Masters of Horror, Tales From The Crypt, Popgun, and Comic Book Tattoo immediately come to mind.
Imagine a major retail release with 4-5 short segments (around 2 hours), each crafted by a separate development house, all of which share a common theme, be it sci-fi, horror, or whatever. A title like that could potentially be one of the all time greats. It would show the strengths of each developer in a way that can’t be done in through stand-alone titles.
Now I realize a game like this coming together from the big guys is just about impossible, because of publishing rights, distribution, and profit issues. However, that’s not to say several smaller studios couldn’t band together, and make something like this happen. It could even be distributed episodically, if need be.
This isn’t so much a challenge, just throwing it out there how amazing I think it would be if something like this actually happened, and all the good that could come from it should the game prove a success.

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  • Tom

    Comic jumper. All one development team, but still, it plays like an anthology.