Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC Review

Game Review: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
Release: 27th October
Genre: Action Adventure
Developer: Rockstar Games
Available Platforms: X360, PS3
Players: Single Player, 16 Player Multiplayer
MSRP: 800 MSP, PSN $9.99
ESRB Rating: 18

Red Dead Redemption was a huge hit, so Rockstar have taken the smart decision to release a huge DLC pack in the similar way as The Lost and Damned or The Ballad of Gay Tony for GTA4. Undead Nightmare brings zombies to the surface, and understandably, John Marston is a little bit annoyed at these shoulder munching threeptwarts. New missions, new cutscenes, new enemy types, new weapons and some amazing new horses will greet you with this DLC and it is a great edition to the HDD of any Red Dead Redemption fan.

It is preferred that you have completed the original RDR storyline before you make your way onto Undead Nightmare as you will be greeted by a majority of the main story cast and they add humor to the zombie apocalypse like you’d never imagine. Without spoiling the actually story, I would say that the storyline in Undead Nightmare as convoluted as it is, is definitely something that you want to see the end of. Why are zombies suddenly walking around flossing with the guts of some poor shopkeeper? Why did John Marston marry a zombie? And why is it impossible to find the unicorn?

The story missions are just as awesome and varied as the main game, with fresh new voice acting, the Rockstar humor that we all love. Whether your burning the coffins in graveyards or tracking down Sasquatch, you’ll have plenty of things to do. And the game is great at this. Herbs don’t play as much as an important role in the game and riding around on your horse headshotting zombies in this expansive sandbox world in your main objective and the DLC has definitely delivered on this.

Zombies are popular these days, right? But what kind of zombies, fast zombies? (Left 4 Dead) or slow zombies? (Dead Rising 2) . Both and more. Every kind of zombie you could possibly imagine is in this DLC pack, so stay on guard. If you think you can easily step on the zombies will your horse, then I would watch out for the Zombie Bears and Zombie Cougars, because they are tough as hell. A pack of Zombie Cougars can take down your horse in the blink of an eye. The guns included with the DLC are most of the ones from the game, Buffalo Rifle, etc.. but you’ll have a trusty new flame-engulfed torch to burn the zombies with. You better be good at headshots too.

The story will take you at least 6 hours, but with the achievements of completing the DLC 100% and completely new zombie killing side challenges it will extend that even longer. The side missions are just as fun as the main game. Even in the zombie apocalypse people can be scarier than the zombies with some of the things that they come out with. If this DLC could be improved at all I would say that.. hold on, nothing can be fixed with Undead Nightmare DLC, nothing is wrong with it. It’s just a fun packed DLC pack that adds another layer of awesome to an already awesome game. And I’m not just saying that because I have a zombie behind me threatening me with zombification.

For such a cheap price and for so much content, Undead Nightmare is a must buy for anyone who owns Red Dead Redemption. Zombie games may be getting old in my eyes, but even if you hate zombies, the missions are so fantastic that it would be foolish to miss such an amazing piece of content.

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  • My roommate is currently playing this (disc version though), there are some crazy friggen characters. I never played RDR, and neither did she, so I wouldn’t say you HAD to, but I bet it makes the story SO much better!