My Experience With The PlayStation Move

I’ve been lucky enough to have the PlayStation Move for a couple of months now and with Microsoft Kinect around the corner I figured it would be a great time to talk about it in case you plan on picking one of these up. Now this article won’t be about Kinect in any other way except that I mentioned it in this paragraph, I’m just going to talk about the PlayStation Move hardware, the functionality of it, and the games supporting it. I hope that this might help your decision making process. Leave us your thoughts on this article as well as any others, just something as simple as that really helps to motivate us to continue our work. (And if you enjoy our work, share it with a friend! There are Twitter, Facebook as well as a few other links on this page, feel free to use them.)

PlayStation Move Hardware
The hardware itself only consists of two required items, the PlayStation Eye and the PlayStation Move Controller. Sony also has several other items you can also pick up hardware wise, they have the PlayStation Navigation Controller, the PlayStation Move Charging Station and the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment. (They weren’t really creative in the naming process here.)

The only thing I can really say about the Eye is that it’s a webcam with a mic, not the best looking device but it’s functional. The worst thing about the Eye for me isn’t really it’s fault, it’s the PlayStation’s fault for putting no usb ports in the back of the console, because of the Eye I always have to have this annoying usb cable sticking out in front of the console and then wrapping around it, to me that just looks messy underneath my TV. The main part of the PlayStation Move Controller is about the same size of the Wii Remote Controller, about the same weight too. The Move Controller has a great curved shape to it that rests perfectly in your hand and then it has that soft “globe” at the top of it that just kind of sticks out like a sore thumb when it’s in your hand. I was actually pretty impressed by how the Move Controller felt in my hands, it was like the perfect shape and weight for me, it just felt natural. I also picked up the Navigation Controller and it’s a nice addition, much better then having to use the Dualshock 3. I found myself use it for controlling the XMB in addition to the games just because of how simple it was. My only issue, it’s a really small one, is that there is no triangle button on it which is nice to have while at the XMB.

It worked, it worked all the time. I had no issues at all with the PlayStation Move. Bright light, dark light, people moving around me, it just worked. I was really surprised by how well the Move works, the device always knew where the controller was and any little amount of movement was felt and replicated on screen, perfect one for one here. There really isn’t too much to say here because it everything just did exactly what you thought and how you would want it.

The PlayStation Move already has a pretty nice game line up, unfortunately most of the games are kind of gimmicky. With a launch that had, EyePet, KungFu Rider, Sports Champions, Start The Party!, and Racquet Sports, I personally felt that Sports Champions was the best game out of that bunch. It was the perfect game to have fun, show off the Move Controller and just enough gimmick without going overboard or feeling to childish with it. Even my wife who is not a gamer really had some fun with this game. Start The Party! was a lot of fun too, this one is entirely minigames but fun minigames that incorporate that PlayStation Eye to put yourself on the screen and it even takes snapshots during the games to capture your moments. EyePet was pretty fun, my daughter actually had a fun time with that, she is two and a half and was actually interacting with our virtual pet. This was her first real gaming experience and any type of activity that puts a smile on her face while I get to play with her is a win in my book. KungFu Rider and Racquet Sports are the other two games that I picked up at launch, they really just didn’t impress me at all. Racquet Sports felt like that dumbed down version of Sports Champions and KungFu Rider felt like a game that should have been in the PSN store rather then a full retail title.

Where the PlayStation Move really stands out though isn’t just the gimmicky type of games, it’s how it is actually getting “hardcore” type of game support. Heavy Rain was patched to include Move support, as was Tiger Woods and Resident Evil 5 (if you get the gold edition). John Daly’s ProStroke Golf was just recently released, you can actually read our review of it here. MAG has had Move support added, the next Socom, and Killzone 3 will also allow the Move Controller. This is a nice and welcome addition for any would be buyers of PlayStation Move because it shows that Sony isn’t just focusing on those casual type of games, that they really want this to succeed by allowing this to work with all type of games.

PlayStation Move really surprised me with how well it worked and how it’s not just for the soccer moms and their families. The biggest issue with the PlayStation Move probably has to be the entry fees. If you buy the PlayStation Move Starter Bundle that puts you back a hundred dollars. Add two Navigation Controller, an extra Move Controller, the charge station and then you are sitting around two hundred and forty dollars. That amount is more then most of the consoles and that’s just so you can play with your friends. If you have the money though and you are looking for something new, I can really support picking up the PlayStation Move. While it will have it’s fair share of casual games, it won’t stop there, it will support games for all types of gamers which is nice to see. Is it a must buy? Well I don’t quite think it’s at that level, but it is something that everyone should actually give it a try and think for yourself if it’s for you.

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  • Jonathan Maher

    Nice writeup! I totally agree, including the complaints about the cost of entry and some of the launch games that are gimmicky.

    I have had a great time playing through RE5 again, and personally cannot wait to play Killzone 3 with Move.

  • analyst

    yep that was the biggest joke on people railing against kinect price when move actually cost alot more.

    • TheUndertaker85

      … Are you being serious?

      Figuring you’re just playing Move titles:

      1 Move Bundle: $99
      1 Extra Move Controller: $50
      Total for two players: $149

      1 Kinect: $150
      Total for two players: $150

      Microsoft has even said it themselves. The Kinect will only support up to two players. Wanna see four players?

      1 Move bundle: $99
      3 Move controllers: $150
      Total for four players: $249

      2 Kinects supporting two players each: $300
      Total for four players: $300


      • The Vag

        ok the price may be a little to start but here are your other option.

        1. i can play kinect games that are marginally better than the crap everyone has been complaining about on the wii for the past 5 years.

        2. i can play moves games like heavy rain mag socom 4 killzone 3 tiger woods the fight tumble aragorns quest … would you like me to continue

        you have fun playing joy ride ill go play MAG or ya know an actual game

  • i have the ps move
    i think its sickly accurate
    the sports champions bundle is cool
    i traded in 6 games and my other camera and got it for 8 bucks
    as for that xbox abomination
    all you xbox cry babys can have it for 150 dollars SUCKERS

  • PSN ID angrystslayer

  • I agree with everything you said 100%. I picked up the Eye Pet bundle when it came out and my kids and wife have had a great time with it. Most recently I played the shoot, and while I didn’t have the shooting attachment, I still enjoyed it a lot. Once upon a time we all played Wii Play in a little family competition, but lately its but all PS Move when we all want to play together.

  • Axe99

    You didn’t mention RUSE ;). I’ve played a few of the Move launch games (Sports Champions, Flight Control HD and RUSE, as well as a few demos), and while Move is clearly a huge step forward in ‘waving your arms about gaming’, the big surprise is in how well it worked with RUSE. While there was (not surprisingly) a learning curve, RUSE with Move is the best RTS experience I’ve ever had on console, by some margin. Move will be a game-changer for strategy games on the PS3, and while it’ll take a while for both gaming journalists (most of whom seem oblivious to RUSE’s existence, despite it being the best RTS in years, let alone the impact of Move on playing RUSE) and gamers (who only have word-of-mouth to go on right now) to catch on, that’s the aspect of Move I’m most excited about right now.

    And I’m saying that after having a total blast with Sports Champions :D.

    • I did play Ruse, not enough to really talk about it though, it was just the demo. While I thought the motion controls worked ok, like you said, the learning curve was pretty steep, too much for someone who has a whole lot on their plate already.

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