New ‘Ring Around The Rosie’ Dead Space 2 Trailer

I’d recently seen Paranormal Activity 2 and gone to the local haunted house, one of which was much better than the other, but both had their intended effects on me. Worse yet, I did both of those activities on back-to-back evenings, so I think it’s suffice to say that on that particular weekend, the darkness had its way with me.

However, I was with large groups in both cases, something I was—and currently still am—grateful for because I remember halfway through either fear-inducing funtivity, I thought to myself “wow, this would be so much worse if I was on my own.” I mean, I ain’t no yellow-belly, and I don’t believe in no ghosts or nothin’, but to be honest, I feel like there may be a chance I could be egregiously wrong, so why push my luck?

Well, this new Dead Space 2 trailer, appropriately titled “Ring Around the Rosie,” reminds me all too well that Isaac is terribly alone and will most likely die that way.

I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. Playing through the first Dead Space took me long enough, and I can’t imagine the sequel going down any smoother. Also, is it just me, or does a bit or two of the train crash seem a bit Nathan Drake-ish?

Source from GameSpot.

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