Weekly Trivia – Round #25

Welcome back to Platform Nation’s weekly trivia. Today marks the 25th episode of this fun little article.  I hope that you enjoy these questions.

You know the drill by now. See if you can master the trivia questions, impress your friends, defeat your enemies, and save the princess.

  1. What was the proposed original name of Kinect when it was first announced?
  2. What Dreamcast game had you moving mice into a rocket ship while avoiding cats?
  3. What was the actual title, in Japan, of the first Final Fantasy game released in the United States?
  4. This game, from a few years ago, had you playing as the character Jackie Estacado.
  5. What system did the first Pokemon game appear on?
  6. What was the name of the robotic operating buddy that came with the NES Deluxe Set?
  7. Name one of the hosts of the video game You Don’t Know Jack!
  8. Earlier this year, this game was released free as a way to help push Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live.
  9. What was the first coin operated video arcade game?
  10. What year was the Atari 2600 launched in?

Thanks again for playing and I hope that you’ll join me next week for the next installment.

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  • Julian Montoya (DarthJuLiOh)

    1. Project Natal
    2. No idea
    3. … Final Fantasy? The first FF was released on both JP and NA… NA missed FFII and FFIII, but not the original.
    4. No idea
    5. On the original Game Boy
    6. ROB
    7. No idea
    8. Tinker
    9. No idea
    10. I’m not sure… 1980?