Xbox Family Gold Pack Details

Finally some details have been released about the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack.  This is a great price for those that have more than 2 gamers in the house because the new Family Pack will cover 4 members of your household for less than the price of two Gold Memberships.  There are a lot of great features that they have packed into the new plan and I can’t describe them all so I have added a segment of what will be included and what to expect, but for all the details follow the link above and get in on the savings.

  • Family Center: an easy-to-use destination accessible on Dash and to manage your family’s memberships and online settings
  • Gift Microsoft Points Allowances: give an allowance of Microsoft Points to family members
  • Activity Reports: sign into to view reports on your family’s activity on Xbox LIVE
  • Family Pack Deal: enjoy discounts on family-friendly games and more

Also here is the link just in case you have some questions about the new pack.  Here are some of the important questions and answers to those questions.

Q: I have two young children. What’s the benefit of spending more money just to get everyone on Gold? They don’t often spend time on Xbox 360 by themselves.
A: An Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack membership is the best value in entertainment. For less than the price of two 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold memberships, you get four 12-month Gold memberships. Family Pack subscribers also receive exclusive premium benefits, including access to the new Family Center for family account and online settings management, additional family conveniences like Activity reports, the ability to purchase and gift Microsoft Points Allowances to your children, and family-friendly content and discounts.

Q: I have a family of five. Is there an option to add more people to the Family Pack?
A: At launch, the Family Pack will only include four Xbox LIVE Gold accounts, but we’re looking forward to the community’s feedback and it’s something we may evolve in the future.

Q: Can I purchase the Family Pack at my local retail store?
A: The Family Pack is only offered online through the Xbox LIVE Dashboard or

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Wish this worked for just two people.

  • I just bought it and this is kind of crapy…. How can I give one of my accounts to an existing Gamertag… the first thing that I got was a generic account and cannot be linked to an existing account in Xbox live