Kinect For A Healthier Life – An Experiment In Weight Loss

Good evening my readers and welcome to my new headline article, Kinect For A Healthier Life – An Experiment In Weight Loss. I am putting “Unsung Heroes” to rest for now as my ideas were getting a bit stale. I have decided to write a new headline though and it couldn’t have come with better timing. As most of you know, Kinect was released for the Xbox 360 yesterday and we are proud owners of one. We decided to buy one on release for two reasons. First, we have two boys ages 2 and 4 and thought this would be a great way to introduce them to the wonderful world of video games (go Kinectimals). Secondly, my wife and I both want to lose some weight and get healthier. We also both enjoy video games. So we put two and two together (Kinect plus Your Shape: Fitness Evolved) and came up with our solution to our unhealthiness. Now the question is, will it work?

Well that’s where my headline article comes into play. Every Friday from here on out, I will post an update from the past week of our progress with Kinect and Your Shape (and Dance Central when we get it in the near future). I will give all details about what we played, how long, weights, sizes, and our thoughts on the “exercises”. I want to give the Kinect a real test for it’s money and see if it really will help us get a healthier lifestyle.

For now, we aren’t going to change anything in our daily routines besides playing Your Shape. I want to see just how effective it will be without any outside help. Then down the road we may or may not change our eating habits. It all depends on how successful we are with playing Your Shape.

I need to lose weight and get healthier. I’m not exactly the most trim person. Cartman said it best with, “I’m not fat, I’m big boned!” Besides the weight issue, there’s also the whole heart deal. Heart disease runs in my family on both sides, how lucky can I get? My dad died of a heart attack in ’99 as well as two uncles since then. I’ve also had three other family members who have had heart attacks but have survived. So yeah, my chances aren’t good. I know we all have to go sometime, but I want to last a bit longer than my family has. I want to experience my grandchildren. I want to grow old with my wife so we can hang out at McDonalds every morning with the other old people!

Well enough of the sad, serious stuff. Let’s get on to the details. I will post my stats as well as my wife’s, but she is going to do hers a bit different. We will start playing Your Shape tomorrow and then next Friday night, I will update you with our progress. So here it goes! Nerd Gods give me strength!!

Me: Weight – 330 lbs. / Waist – 56″

My wife: she doesn’t want her measurements exposed, but I can post any difference gained or lost each week.

Tune in next Friday to see if we made any headway during our first week, plus see what our thoughts are on the whole deal! Please feel free to leave any feedback you might have about this experiment. I’d appreciate it.

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  • BKJ

    Glad I came across this blog. I also am hoping Your Shape will help me stay on track with my fitness routine.

    I’m no expert, but I will say that it’s well established that exercise without improvements in your diet are not likely to have much of a result. However, in the short term it shouldn’t be a big deal. If you go from little to no exercise to 30-60 minutes a day then you should see results.

    Good luck!

  • good luck man,

    I’ve almost cancelled my Kinect order once or twice but its the exercise ‘games’ that prevent me from doing so.

    I want to get back into shape and in these Winter months, Kinect fitness might be the kickstart i need

  • Kim

    Came across your site looking up info on Kinect. Just wanted to say good luck you both!

    I’m basically in the same boat as you. About 10yrs ago I dropped nearly 100lb. But ended up gaining it all back. Lot of emotional stuff, plus I think I did the weight loss the wrong way. Too much too fast. And I was exercising about 4hrs a day. Even with that at one point the weight just stopped coming off. I felt I just coudn’t do any more, and that was that.

    Well now I feel mentally ready to do it again, but the right way this time. Especially because I had developed all kinds of health problems. Diabetes, Hyper tension, and rheumatoid arthritis. One other motivating factor was Kinect actually. It’s something I’ve been very excited about since it was first announced. And I knew how physical it was going to be, plus uploading the whole pictures aspect, isn’t too appealing when you’re so over weight.
    So I actually started getting myself into shape just so I can…well basically get myself into shape. I started slow a couple months ago. All I did was cut out all soda. Which I needed to do cause of the diabetes any way. Just doing that I lost about 12lbs. Weeks later I adjusted my eating habits. Adding the veggies cutting out the junk food MOST of the time. I’ve still gone out for a double cheese burger and onion rings, and even pizza, but that’s only been a couple times a month. And I have to say, you do need to improve your eating habits, you can’t just exercise, and be healthy. I’ve been getting in a bit of activity too. But it’s mostly about how you eat. What I did this time, what I didn’t do before was look up some real info on metabolism, fat to calories ect. Like 1bl of fat = 3500 calories. So if you cut out that many per week provided you were only taking in exactly what you need to live,(which was 1600 per day for an average woman who is inactive) then you would lose a pound a week. Cutting out 3500 a week could just be cutting out the soda. Then if you add just a little bit of exercise, you can increase it.

    So that’s basically what I’m doing, I don’t even have Kinect yet, it’s coming as a xmas present, which as badly as I want it, I don’t mind, gives me that much longer to get myself in shape. And so far I’ve gone from 342 down to 308. And without killing myself with exercise.
    Anyway, once again best to you both, and I’ll visit again to see how it goes.

  • Kim

    Oh one other thing I would add. I really don’t think it’s a good idea to measure or weigh yourself every week. If the changes don’t happen as fast as you’d hope you could demotivate yourself. I wouldn’t do it more than once every 2 weeks. Personally I only hope on the scale once a month. And I was pretty surprised by how much I had lost without doing hours of exercising per day like before. Last time I checked was on halloween and I won’t check again until the end of Nov.

  • Jam Doug

    Hey Good Luck,

    I’d like to suggest The Paleo Diet to add with your workouts. Look it up online to get a better idea of what its about. My wife and I have been on it since July and we’ve lost 50 lbs combined. Have fun.

  • shubh

    This is a good start but what your are is you won’t loose a pound if you continue to eat as much as you probably have… is 80% of any weight loss program…..

  • Jessica

    I just wanted to say best of luck to you guys! My husband and I are also in the process of trying to lose weight and be more fit. We bought the Kinect and the Dance Central game and have been using it everyday as a workout, and it really is! I especially need to lose weight for a number of health reasons and hopefully this will help. I recommend the Dance Central game! It diffently gives you a good workout and is a lot of fun at the same time. Trying to unlock the achievments and get 5 stars on the different lvls is fun and a challege and motivates you to do more (it has for us! lol). I hope all goes well and you reach your fitness goals 🙂

  • ali

    I got the kinect about 2 weeks ago, and bought dance central shortly after. I don’t know if this is really healthy but when I got dance central on the 11th I could only fit in my size 16 pants. I have only played on my kinect 3 times since then and it was for 3 to 4 hour sessions. No diet change just playing the game. And today 11/17 I can fit into my size 14 pants. So good luck to u both. I know I’m having a blast.

  • Good luck! I’m thinking of doing a similar thing to work off this beer belly I’ve acquired through college. Just started playing with my kinect today. Shocking how much fun it is and how bad i was sweating in the track and field game on kinect sports. Hope thisworks out for you!

    • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

      Cool deal dude! I’ve lost over 10 pounds just by using the Kinect. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to use it at all the past two weeks. Sicknesses and the holidays have hampered my progress. I’m hoping that after the New Year I can get back on track. The good thing though is I haven’t gained any of that back yet. 🙂

      Good luck to you as well and lay off that beer! lol 🙂

  • It is a common mistake that you can lose weight without those ‘outside forces.’ It will be necessary to cut down on certain kinds of food for you to see results with your plan. I suggest that you try Kinect sports as well! I had so much fun playing that I ended up playing it for almost 5 hours with my friends –feels like an intense cardio workout too me. haha

    I wish you and your wife all the best!

  • after a week on kinnect i have shed sum weight and am no longer a chubonora checker just a slight bloated gimmo!
    kinnect rox
    hope we get kinnect sex

  • i got a kinect at xmas and weighed myslef at 104kgs
    i have been doing kinect stuff for 40 mins a day, even while eating kinder eggs
    chocka doobie
    now after nearly a month i now weigh 115kg!
    so i am very dissapointed
    i have even cut donw from having 2 macdonalds a day to just one
    therefore kinect is a load of cack
    i have heard there is a new kinect pig shafting game but this wont lose weigh just makes you wanna grind it

  • Mac

    Kentucky fried fadge ripper… You go to mcdonalds once a day theres all the weight problem right their… eggs are also healthy but not the greatest for weight loss… you should eat more veggies and fruits. And no mcdonalds.

    • I think “Kentucky fried fadge ripper” was being sarcastic… There is no way anyone could be as stupid so as to say that the Kinect is a load of “cack” (crap?) just because they gained weight while using it AND eating McDonalds and Kinder eggs everyday…Christ.