New Battlefield Game Announced, Goes Free To Play

Hot on the heels of Medal of Honor, EA just announced their latest entry in the Battlefield franchise.  Currently labeled “Battlefield Play4Free,” this title is setting out to succeed where Battlefield: Heroes failed and attract a large community capable of sustaining the game’s monetary structure.

While not a whole lot of info is currently available about the game, a website has popped up with a few screenshots, a trailer, and a field to sign up for the closed beta.

What we can gather from this is that BF:P4F appears to be very similar to it’s older cousin Battlefield 2, both taking place in a middle eastern environment and including a myriad of land an air vehicles.  The most interesting, possible important, addition being the jet.  However, long time fans willing to give the free to play model a shot, may take issue with the games current player count cap set to 32. If Battlefield: Heroes is any indication, players won’t be able to look to the server providers to increase the cap, either.

Hopefully BF:P4F will be able to attract the player base it needs, and provide a somewhat fair environment to those less willing to shell out cash for the inevitable weapon packs.

Sign up at Battlefield: Play4Free’s official site

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  • Eric

    Wait, Heroes has 6 million registered users…

    On what basis are you claiming that this was a failure?

  • Charles Stirens (clstirens)

    Six million registered users, yes. But this isn’t like WoW, or even another battlefield where registered accounts is a direct link to profit and success.

    It’s a free game, and anyone willing to give it a shot will easily register, even if they only play one match (or any at all).

    Of course, my basis is very unscientific, but the last time I played BF:Heroes, I could not find but a hand full of the same servers.

    Even then, most of the forums I go to for the game are also dead, or very inactive.

    Couple that with the fact that they recently, RADICALLY changed the pricing structure for paid-for items, and you have a few clues that the game isn’t doing as good as EA would like.

    Of course, it isn’t a complete failure, by no means. In fact, if it were a complete failure, they’d never attempt to produce another f2p battlefield, not so soon.

  • Meepo Heyber

    I play BFH and the forums are not dead. They are plenty active, and i play full matches every time I log on. The prices are good, and the better weapons aren’t that much better. Updates are frequently released. I would say it is a resounding sucess