Zac Efron To Scream “TETSUOOOO!” At The Top Of His Lungs?

First, I heard about a planned Akira live-action series of movies — I was happy.  Then I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company had snagged the rights, Americanized the story, and that Leo himself was planning to star in it — I was sad.  Then I heard that (one half of) the Hughes Brothers was attached to direct — after seeing The Book Of Eli, I was a little happy again.

Then, today’s news dropped that Zac Efron, of High School Musical fame, was rumored to be in talks for a starring role (presumably, as Kaneda).  Now, I don’t want to be a hater, and I’ve never seen High School Musical, so I’m not quite sure how to feel.  Can someone please tell me how I should feel about some American teeny-bopper heart-throb starring in an Americanized PG-13 version of one of the most epic pieces of Manga ever created?

My gut tells me that I should absolutely hate this news, but I’ll wait until I hear from you guys before I finalize my decision…

Source: /Film

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  • Lewis Rayne(Aelincorp)

    Rank me up on the haters side here. I think they should just leave it along completely.