Square Enix Developing For Facebook

Square Enix has recently announced its plans for two new games to be featured on Facebook.  Having normally developed games for handheld devices and consoles this will be their first foray into social network gaming.  Knowing that Square is capable of developing some real quality games here is hoping for a game that sets itself apart from all the other Facebook games and is actually dare I say fun and not just a time waster.  Currently these games are in their Beta stages but can be accessed through Facebook by anyone for free.

The first game announced is Chocobo’s Crystal Towers.  The main objective of this game is to raise your own Chocobo’s and send them into towers to come back with treasures, gifts and other things of fancy.   With the social aspect being the ability to give gifts to friends, help raise their Chocobo’s, and even have your Chocobo make a baby with your friends Chocobo.

The second game announced is Knights of the Cyrstals.  This game is a much more standard type of RPG.  The goal is to maintain and level up heroes to go on quests.  Much like other games on Facebook you are able to quest with your friends.

Source Gamasutra

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