Are Codes & Cheats Obsolete Now?

Just curious, dear reader. Do you cheat while you play games? Not in the major multiplayer game sense, where one can find exploits in Team Deathmatches, but in your other games. The kind of games where you unleash God Mode on an unforgiving level, or Infinite Ammo on ruthless enemies. Because I understand if you do, I from time to time look up cheats and codes on GameFaqs, only to be shown achievements and their descriptions for each. Sometimes, or maybe just the games that I play – it seems as though cheat codes are slowly fading to the wayside. Not many top title games are allowing us unlimited ammo, or God life anymore. Really, most games that do allow cheats in game, do not let you earn achievements, or trophies, and do not offer unlockables to those inputting cheat codes, but it’s always fun to play that way regardless.

The only major game that I can recently recall allowing use of cheats is Grand Theft Auto 4. I know you remember that left, down, right, up, left, down, right, up. But where has it gone now? Maybe it’s the genres of games that I’ve been playing recently, but before when I would go to GameFaqs to look up a God Mode code, I could find a nice button input and be set. Now, all I’m greeted with are achievement lists.

It’s evident from online sites, to the magazines on news stands. I remember when I was younger, I would always pick up and browse through Tips & Tricks magazine. I would find button combination for infinite life, infinite health, ammo, you name it. But it seems to me that on the current generation systems, codes like that are just too far and wide to find. What has happened?

If you go to Google, and type in video game cheats, or some other variation, you’ll more than likely find links to games from the Grand Theft Auto series. Nothing strange really, since GTA is the only series I personally know of that still uses video game cheats any more. Do developers just see cheats as a unnecessary coding, unnecessary work on a game with the due date drawing near – taking too much time away from proper developing? I mean, truth be told, cheats don’t really offer much to the gameplay aside from trailblazing through the game with no regard. They definitely make the game easier but take away the challenge and skill to actually play. They even take away from the story. Why bother listening to what characters have to say, or see the exchange of expressions through the push of amazing graphics, when you know you already won?

Maybe that’s another reason most developers don’t add cheats to their games anymore. They want players to play their game, with no additives. No enhancers, other than what’s already given.

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