Gaming Confessions: Wii Boredom

This weeks confession: My Wii has been switched on a maximum of 3 times in the last 12 months.

I touched on this topic a few weeks ago in my loss of control article, but I felt that I should elaborate a little further. I can count on one hand all the times I have even switched on my Wii, the last time was in July, just before I started writing for Platform Nation. The reason for the sudden interest in my Wii? My Xbox had died, and even then I played a little of Zelda quickly switched it off and brushed off my old PS2 and went back to Final Fantasy X.

So why the apathy for this expensive (albeit the cheapest of the 3 consoles) piece of technology? The answer is simple boredom. I like the idea of motion controls and would probably play an immerse motion controlled game in an arcade (if such thing exists) but the novelty of pointing a piece of plastic at my TV screen at home wares off very quickly. There are some games that are good for short bursts of fun, House of the Dead Overkill for example, but I just can’t make myself sit down and play it for any length of time. I suppose this could be seen as a blessing, after all a 6 hour Waggle game might take weeks to complete as either I get extremely uncomfortable holding the Wiimote and Nunchuck or I simple lose interest in the game(maybe I have ADD or something)

It’s a shame really, my expectations of boredom from my Wii means although I own Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda, Metroid and most the AAA titles that were released for  the Wii I haven’t completed most, some haven’t even left the cellophane packing that they came in.  It’s a shame that good titles are being lost in the mounds of shovel-ware that has been released but If you live by the motion controlled sword, you’ll die with the motion control sword.

I thought I was in the minority with this viewpoint, but the fact that Nintendo actually made a loss in the first quarter of the year shows I am not alone, either that or everyone on the planet who wants a Wii owns a Wii.  Personally, I know there will be a reprieve for my Wii very soon with Epic Mickey’s release being almost upon us, although before I even play the game I long for a version with a decent control system.

Perhaps now that Sony and Microsoft have launched their own versions of motion control and (it could be argued) have mastered traditional controls Nintendo will finally release what we have all been waiting asking if not begging for. So Nintendo my message is clear, Microsoft and Sony are jumping on your bandwagon, jump on their release WiiHD with a proper controller.

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  • I know the feeling. I had a Wii for a while until I traded in for my 360. I enjoyed it for a while, but the novelty of it just worn off. The Wii is really a party system, if you dont have a couple of people playing it with you, and seriously enjoying it while they play – the Wii is just a over grown paper weight :/

  • Sam Handrick (MDSRocker)

    I have about 10 games I’m looking forward to getting this holiday in some form or another and I believe 9 of them are Wii. It’s been a dry system, but if you know where the water taps are than you could have a lot more fun with it. And with what is being put out this holiday you would be doing a disservice to yourself to not snatch up a few.

  • Gern

    It depends on what you like to play. The Wii has been a unique experience up until now. I have spent hours with Boom Blox and Golf games. Also, the Wii wheel is novel and I spent hours with Mario Kart and Need for Speed games.

  • Certainly there are more interesting titles for the 360 and PS3, but I have yet to get tired of gesture controls. In fact, I’m always disappointed when a Wii game doesn’t use any.

    But I don’t see what HD has to do with it. Does it really make gameplay more interesting to have prettier graphics? For me it doesn’t. I like the prettier graphics, but they don’t determine whether I enjoy the game, and if your objection is that you’re bored of gesture controls, how is that even relevant?

    And Nintendo has given us a better controller, their Wii remote plus. The problem is there are so few games that use it. But once again, if you’re bored of gesture gaming, why are you asking for a better version of it?

    It sounds like what you really want is Move, so just play that.

  • Ross

    Its easy – other than first party titles there aren’t that many games worth playing. The only game I play very rarely is World @ War which is still good. Medal of Honor deserves an honourable mention too as it managed 32 players unlike the newer COD and Conduit (which looked really good just played rubbish online). Too many people fall for buying shovel ware because it might have Harry Potter on the box or only be £10 form Asda and that ruins their experience.