Pinball FX 2 Review (360)

Game Review: Pinball FX 2
Release: 27th October, 2010
Genre: Pinball Simulator
Developer: ZEN Studios
Available Platforms: XBLA
Players: 1-4
MSRP: Free, core pack of 4 new tables 800 MS Points
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

Pinball FX 2 is the latest game to attempt to re-create the real world experience of the pinball table.  The clackety-clack sound of the flippers and the speed of the metal ball as it bounces around the table and races round ramps hasn’t always historically be successfully captured in digital form.  With new tables, improved physics and multiplayer, Pinball FX 2 not only recreates the thrill of playing real world pinball, but it is simply the best pinball video game I’ve played.

Pasha Table

There are 4 new tables this time around, Secrets of the Deep, Biolab, Pasha, and Rome, but if you are thinking, only 4, then allow me to explain how there are actually 13 tables available.  You see, if you purchased the original Pinball FX then you can import all of it’s table into Pinball FX 2.  The best part about this feature is that you can do this for free and the original tables will now have better graphics and improved physics.  This feature is done really well and although the graphics improvement is excellent, you can definitely tell the 4 new tables apart from the original imported ones, based purely on the graphics.  The new tables just look more polished and have better lighting etc with them.

Rome Table

Another new feature is multiplayer, both online and split screen local play as well as local hot seat for up to 4 players.  With the online multiplayer comes the usual suspects, such as leaderboards but Pinball FX 2 really integrates all the competitive qualities of multiplayer seamlessly into the game and it keeps you playing just one more game in order to beat your friends score.  Your Superscore is your score across all the tables and this will quickly become yet another table you want to see yourself at the top of.

Biolab Table

Newcomers will not feel out of their depth and before they know it will be racking up scores in the millions, while each table offers so many mini games and targets that pinball veterans will appreciate the complexity available too.  Controls can be customised yet there doesn’t seem to be any need to change them from the default configuration.

Secrets Of The Deep Table

Mark’s Final Say: It’s difficult to find something negative to say about Pinball FX 2, it’s pinball recreated to perfection in your living room.  It’s obvious that more tables will be released in the future as DLC and I know for sure that I’ll pick them up.  So what are you waiting for, download the free game, import any Pinball FX tables you have and add me to your friend list and see if you can topple my Superscore.

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  • I’ve played this game before – it is pretty sweet. There isn’t anything like going to the arcade for real pinball but the graphics make this much more realistic than other games I’ve seen