PS3 Users Getting Mass Effect Interactive Comic, More

When it was announced that Mass Effect 2 was coming to the PS3, many were wondering how users were going to be able to reap the benefits gained through playing the first Mass Effect. The answer is that they won’t even be able to play it. PS3 users are going to be getting something completely different. Instead of playing the first games, there will be an interactive comic that will tell the story of the first game, allowing the player to make all of the crucial decisions. These  choices will be integrated into Mass Effect 2.

Other additions for the PS3 version will be all of the Cerberus Network downloads, as well as the three DLC episodes that have already been released for the other versions of the game.

The interactive comic seems like a great idea from Bioware, seeing as PS3 users will never be able to get the original Mass Effect. Along with this comic, the DLC  included will make the PS3 version Mass Effect 2 a great value for anyone who hasn’t played the game.

Source: CVG

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