Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview Event

Last week I was lucky enough to be brought out to Eidos Montreal to check out the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the 25 year prequel to what was one of the best games on PC when it came out and is still held in high regards to almost anyone that has played it. I’ll be using this article to tell you all about it.

The story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
So in the game itself, you play as Adam Jensen, a private security specialist with a checked past that’s working for David Sarif. David Sarif for those of you that don’t know, he is the owner of Sarif Industries, a huge player in the human augmentation field. Adam Jensen is tasked with protecting the researchers of Sarif Industries on the eve of some historical hearings that will have a dramatic impact on the augmentation field. This is where the game begins as everything changes as Sarif Industries is attacked by augmented black-op mercenaries. From there it is your job to uncover the truth to find out who lead this attack and why they did it. This will be all I tell you about the actual storyline as I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

The gameplay of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
For those of you that might not have played Deus Ex in the past, first, fail on you, it’s really a classic. Second, Deus Ex is an open ended action/RPG type of game with a hybrid type of gameplay that allows you to tackle the objectives in multiple types of fashions using the games core mechanics of combat, stealth, hacking and social aspects to get you through the game. Deus Ex also has several RPG type of elements with being able to use augmentations to customize your character, weapon customization/upgradability, inventory management and social interactions. Besides the augmentations, the other part of Deus Ex that has made it what it is is the open ended aspect of the game. You are given the ability to use your skills to beat the levels in multiple ways, almost only limited to your own imagination based off of what abilities your character has. There is multiple paths, solutions and even endings to Deus Ex.

The look of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
I was really enjoying the look to the new Deus Ex. It was described to us as a “cyber renaissance” type of look where they were trying to focus on illustration over simulation. Eidos Montreal was trying to combine a futuristic look while combining it with a style that was similar to the renaissance era. They seemed to be inspired with what Mirror’s Edge did and were definitely shying away to the typical “FPS brown” look that so many other shooters have. We only saw two of the locals that will be in Human Revolution, Detroit and Shanghai, each had their own feel to them and you can easily pick out the cities by just how they look. Detroit has a slightly futuristic look to it while Shanghai is a city that is built on top of another city. Shanghai has a very asian feel to it as well, kind of what you would expect from a future Hong Kong. It’s not just the cities that will impress you, the look of the clothing, weapons and inside the city (in the buildings) all have a pretty unique style to it.

The audio of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
I’ll keep this a little short, I do have an interview with Steve Szczepkowski, Lead Audio Designer of Deus Ex where we will get into this more, it will be up on Platform Nation this Thursday. Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a heavy cyber punk influence with it. Steve Szczepkowski let us know how Blade Runner really inspired the feel to what they wanted with a mood over music type of design. The composer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is Michael McCann who also did the music for Splinter Cell Double Agent which won many awards a few years ago when it came out. Again, stay tuned for later this week when we will post the interview, it was a pretty good one.

My overall feelings.
I want this game! I guess that is really the best thing you can say about any game. As a huge fan of the first one with the augmentations, multiple ways to accomplish tasks and the story line, Human Revolution won’t be that much of a difference in that aspect. But in Human Revolution we will have a fresh new story, a new look and tons of gameplay that I can’t wait to get my hands on. While no official release date has been given yet, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is targeted for an Q1 2011 release with currently suggesting a March 8, 2011 date.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Sounds cool and your article has peaked my interest in this game. Nice job Steve. 🙂

    Will your Thursday article have the questions that we sent in to you?

    • tomorrows interview will have the majority of the questions that were sent in answered. I have 2 for you guys 🙂

      • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

        Cool! Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for posting this for us Steve.