Cities XL 2011 Review(PC)

Game Review: Cities XL 2011
Release: October 2010
Genre: City Builder
Developer: Monte Cristo Games
Available Platforms: PC
Players: 1
MSRP: $39.99
ESRB Rating: Pegi 7+

Cities XL 2011 is a city building simulator that pits you in the role as a virtual mayor. Do you have what it takes to keep the population happy? Start off with one city and advance as you build multiple cities to combine resources. With you as the mayor you have the chance to build specialized cities that then can trade with other cities you have built. You rule the roost as the top dog; your goal is to figure out how to keep the community happy while also keeping your city running. Build transportation, schools and businesses to balance out how the city runs.

Cities XL 2011 offers a great game play experience for everyone from the advanced simulation player to the newcomer of the simulation type games. Either build a thriving city or have fun in the sun as you build a beach resort. Cities XL 2011 has so many features, you will experience a different game each time you play. Realism has been pushed a little deeper with larger cities that are more detailed and realistic then before. As mayor, will you be loved or hated as you grow your very own cities? Being the mayor won’t be an easy task; to keep the people happy you must balance economic development in your city, transportation, housing, social services, leisure activities and even town special events.

With a name like Cities XL 2011 your main objective is obviously going to involve something to do with city building. How you build your city is completely in your hands don’t forget you have a population to look after. Balance economics with recreation do you have what it take to keep both in check. With so many different ways to build the possibilities are near endless in what you will be making.

Feel like building China? Or maybe Paris is more your style? Cities XL 2011 gives you the option to build either with some awesome tools. With 700 different styles of buildings, many different locales, unique weather, plus multiple types of  terrain, you will have a different feel with each new city. Build roads, train tracks and many other ways to transport people and goods as you strive to grow not only a city you can call your own, but a community you can be proud of. Control your God hand (as I call it) to create roads from above or take your view to a street level to get a closer review of your progress.

Maybe you want to make your own 130 Ft statue well here is your chance,

The included tutorial helps you get into the swing of things without making you feel completely lost, and it also gets you acquainted with the controls. Game play is great: you really feel like the city is completely at your control (which in reality it is). Lush graphics make the game feel even more realistic with over 47 different maps to build on, each with distinct terrain and weather patterns. In my experience the game offered so many different avenues to play that it would be hard to get bored. Your mind is the only limitation as to how far the game will go.  Do not be surprised if you find yourself playing for hours when you were originally only wanting to play for a little bit.

Controls felt a little overwhelming; with so many different things to remember, some information is bound to get lost. If you skip the tutorial you are sure to be lost on what to do as little to no instruction is given in the game. Music, Music, Music: I can not stress this more then enough, the sound track is so boring. Looping music doesn’t constitute a sound track to me. You would be better off turning down the game music and adding your own in.

Cities XL 2011 was a stark surprise compared to the many other simulation type games I have played in the past. With a 40 dollar price tag you can’t go wrong with all the included content. If you are already a fan of the Sims games or have ever played SimCity, do yourself a favor pick this game up as soon as possible. With so little to detract from the great points, you wont feel like your money was wasted. Cities XL 2011 was one of those games I found myself playing for hours on end forgetting what time it was. You will also find that once you realize the possibilities, the game will unlock a whole new world.

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  • Why couldn’t this be out for the mac?

  • Wonder how this scales and could it be played on a netbook.

    • I played this game on a dual core 3.06 GHZ machine with a radeon 4850, and the performance becomes exponentially worse one you gain a population larger than 200,000. The game is poorly coded, and only uses 1 core by default, so you will never get extreme performance, even on a high end gaming system. The game is pretty, but it is not optimized. I would say that it runs terribly on a netbook.

  • how i can win money in cities xl 2011?

  • I Think the graphics & sounds could have been better, I prefer Sim City Societies Destinations, this game looks much better than this.

  • can anyone give me please a serial number? thanks!!!

  • Linx998