nail’d Multiplayer Preview

nail'd is full of beautiful environments just like this!

I have had the privilege to play nail’d online for the past two weeks, and what an awesome two weeks they have been! The online multiplayer is going to blow people away and it’s not that it is anything gimmicky or revolutionary. On the contrary, nail’d is a pretty simplistic, stripped down racing game, just like how the Ramones’ sound was. But that is the beauty of it because just like the Ramones, nail’d is fast, in your face, no-holds-barred, pure awesomesauce.

The good folks at Techland (the developer) are offering up everything BIG and LOUD! They have a wide variety of tracks to race on from four distinct locations around the world. Players can race on 18 tracks from the dusty Arizona desert, the ancient ruins of Greece, the snow-capped Andes Mountains, and even the picnic wonderland of Yosemite Park! These tracks are just loosely based off of their real world counterparts and once you play, you will see why. Every track in nail’d is Freakin’ Massive and over the top!!!  Some are smaller lap tracks (even these are big though) while others are gargantuan point A to point B tracks. But they all offer up some amazingly huge jumps, turns, obstacles and surprises that will leave you sweaty and in dire need of an underwear change.

This is the view you will see if you can't keep up with the big dawgs.

Playing online with these master-crafted beauties is unbelievable fun. You can race with up to 11 other racers in 5 different modes.

  • Simple Race: Just straight up racing. Can you take 1st place?
  • Stunt Challenge: Now this isn’t your typical stunt racing. There are no tricks in nail’d like other ATV racers (I like this). Instead, you earn points when you do a feat. There are a variety of feats in the game and include landing on all four wheels, doing a wheelie, sniping (jumping through a boost ring), being in last place for more than 30 seconds (sorta like a pity award for sucking), and many more. The winner is the one with the most points, but the twist is that once the first dude crosses the finish line, the remaining player’s points start to drop rapidly until they cross the finish line. This forces the players to not only accomplish the feats, but to keep racing as well.
  • Boost Madness: Normally when you do a feat, it fills up a portion of your boost gauge, but this isn’t normal. With Boost Madness, you get infinite amounts of boost to race with. This is insane!! Just try not to crash and burn!!! Haha!
  • Detonator: Hot potato with bacon bits, shredded cheese, melted butter, chives, and a huge glob of sour cream! Yeah, you get a freakin’ bomb slapped onto your back and you must do a feat to give it to another player lest you die a horrible, fiery death. This mode is frantic fun sorta like playing drunken Hungry Hungry Hippos.
  • Time Attack: It’s time attack. Pretty standard fodder for racers.

This is NOT a stunt. The rider just had to relieve some pressure.

The multiplayer is going to offer up a lot of fun for people who just want to race and not worry about trying to land a “over-the-handle-bars-double-flip-Kelly-Clarkson”. Look for it to hit the shelves on November 30th, and like I said earlier, nail’d is just like the Ramones. It’s stripped down simple fun, but it’s loud, fast, and in your face! Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!

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