Why The U.S. Should Be Excited For Atlus’s Latest Remake

Eleven years ago, the masterful game designers at Atlus released the first chapter of Persona 2, Innocent Sin. Unfortunately, the first time anything related to Persona 2 hit the U.S. market was in the form of the second chapter, Eternal Punishment. While some fans were able to get their hands on a copy of the game online and use patches to translate the typed dialogue to English, many gamers in the States missed out on the beauty that was Persona 2: Innocent Sin. That, however, may all change within the coming months.

While a U.S. release has not yet been confirmed, Atlus is hard at work remaking yet another Persona title for the PSP. Much like the original remake of Persona, I would not expect a drastic change in gameplay; however, enhanced visuals and audio as well as slight UI changes are to be expected.

So, what’s the big deal? Without a declaration that P2 will release in the US or the UK, this means very little to gamers outside Japan. That being said, I believe it is only a matter of time before we get that release. Persona: Innocent Sin was initially banned from the US due to the presence of a certain Nazi figurehead. In a day and age where popular games involve torturing opponents and playing the role of a terrorist gunning down innocent civilians in an airport, it would be difficult to see why Persona 2: Innocent Sin would not make it state-side this time around. That, and the undeniable success of the latest remakes of the Persona series.

Regardless, while we wait, enjoy the new cinematic intro that will be featured in this PSP remake.

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