All Points Bulletin Is Coming Back

If Harmonix’s sale wasn’t big enough to spark some interest in the latest buying and selling in the video game industry, add on the latest move by K2 Network and we have a pretty eventful day.

Realtime Studios’ APB: All Points Bulletin earned a notorious reputation for the shortest-lived game on the MMO market. With a record-setting 60-something days of life, many buyers were quick to suffer severe buyer’s remorse. However, the well-crafted shooter may be getting a second chance.

K2 Network announced today that they have purchased Realtime’s blunder for 2.4 million dollars. I’m sure the company is attempting to ignore the fact that their game cost somewhere around $100 million to create and launch. While the directors of APB probably aren’t off the hook for this, the players can at least experience some level of joy in this matter.

The buyer stated their goal is for APB to return to the MMO scene by the end of 2010. As an avid MMO player, I am more than aware of the tentative release schedules of games that are already completed. As such, I don’t expect to be seeing this game until early 2011; that being said, we can still hope for the best. While no official mention has been made regarding the new revenue system for the game, many are supposing that it will introduce a free-to-play model for a potentially free-to-download game.

P*N will report on more regarding this as the story develops and K2 Network releases a larger statement.

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  • HeckYea

    WOOOOOO!!!! I played this game through beta and up until the game closed. By far the best shooter game I’ve ever played, and I’m looking forward to playing again. Free to Play, or Pay to Play, I’ll be right there with this game again! Thanks K2 games! <3

  • kark

    where do you people get your facts from … pull them from your hat or do u just guess?