Alien Breed 3: Descent Hits XBLA And Steam 17th November

The third game of the Alien Breed trilogy will be released on 17th November for both Steam and Xbox Live! Arcade.  Not surprisingly, the game picks up where Alien Breed 2 left off and you continue control of Theodore Conrad, chief engineer aboard the doomed ship Leopold.  Following the Leopolds crash into an ice planet Conrad begins his final assault to locate the origin of the Alien threat that all but destroyed his ship.

For the first time in the series, Conrad will be able to venture outside the ship while new enemies are also introduced.  Check out the Alien Queen and the Electo-Eel artwork below. While you are there why not check out the new weaponry that’s set to even up the odds, including the Electro-link gun and the Project X weapon.

We have also included 10 new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.  Remember to click on the thumbnail to see the full image.

[gallery, exclude=”62449,62469″ link=”file”]

Alien Breed 3: Descent will retail at the following amount, dependent on region:

  • Xbox™ LIVE Arcade – 800 Microsoft Points
  • PC Steam – UK – £6.99, US – $9.99, Europe – €8.99

Look out for the official trailer on Platform Nation later today

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  • bdavid81

    I wonder if this will hurt the sales of the game, seeing as how Episode II just released mere months ago.