Character Vs Character: Witchblade Vs Bayonetta

This week’s battle pits a pair of witches against each other to see who casts a stronger spell. Witchblade wields a living weapon of great power, and Bayonetta uses her guns and magic to stylishly dispatch her foes. Which one deserves to be crowned the queen of darkness and light? Read on to find out!

witchblade vs bayonetta

Character Backgrounds/Weapons

Witchblade: Sara Pezzini is the current possessor of the Witchblade, an ancient and sentient gauntlet with immense power. She works as a New York City police detective while trying to protect the Witchblade from the people that wish to possess its power. The Witchblade itself is the offspring of The Darkness and The Angelus, darkness and light.

Bayonetta: A shape-shifting witch that uses the firearms, magic, and her own hair to take out her enemies, Bayonetta is one formidable witch. Over 500 years old, she has fought the sides of light and dark trying to find the pieces to the past she doesn’t remember.

The Battle

Arriving on the scene of a homicide is nothing new for Sara Pezzini. Being a homicide detective in one of the toughest neighborhoods in New York, she’s seen her fair share of shocking crime scenes. As bearer of the Witchblade, she has also had more than enough experience dealing with the supernatural. Unfortunately, none of this prepared her for what she found today.

Crossing the police line, she can see more blood than she’s ever seen. It covers everything. The walls of the building, the cars parked in front. It’s as if someone sprayed the entire area in red paint. The bodies are piled up in groups and in a way that looks like they were killed at the same time and fell together. What’s worse is they don’t look human. They look angelic. What could have killed so many creatures in such a bloody, vicious way?

Her partner, Patrick Gibson, walks up and surveys the damage. “Estacado do this?”, he asks.

“I don’t think so. There are bullet holes everywhere. The wall, the sidewalk, the cars. Jackie isn’t so random.”

“Hmmmmm.”, Patrick mumbles.

The pair go about their business investigating the scene. Knocking on doors in the area, trying to find anyone who witnessed the bloodbath. Sara goes through the motions, although she knows she’ll be coming back when the sun goes down to do her own brand of investigating.

Meanwhile, in the distance, a woman dressed in all black watches the two detectives. She knows Pezzini’s secret and also knows she’ll be back when there are less innocent people around. She takes off her glasses, checks them in the sunlight, then puts them back on.

“Until tonight, my dear”, Bayonetta whispers.

It is around midnight when Sara arrives back in the area. The abandoned building is dark, with only a streetlight illuminating the blood-caked war zone. As soon as she steps out of her car, she can sense something isn’t right. She’s wearing a bracelet on her arm with a large jewel in the center. It immediately begins to glow red.

Being the bearer of the Witchblade, Sara knows what this means. She shouts in to the night air.

“I know you’re there! Come out into the light!”

She knows if it’s Jackie Estacado, the bearer of The Darkness, he will not be able to use his powers in the light. To her surprise, a tall, statuesque female in black leather steps out from the shadow of the abandoned building.

“I see you’re no fool”, Bayonetta says with a sly smile.

“You’re the one responsible for this bloodbath?”, asks Pezinni.

“I had to get your attention somehow. What better way than to paint the street with blood?”

Sara can see that her adversary is armed. This causes the Witchblade to start growing over her body to protect her.

“What do you want?”, she asks.

“The Witchblade would prove to be a formidable weapon in my fight against the forces of light and dark. And, shouldn’t it belong to a real witch?”

“I think it might object to that”, Sara retorts.

Without hesitation, Bayonetta draws her guns and begins firing at Sara. The Witchblade springs to life, destroying her clothing and covering her in a protective armor. Bayonetta starts running left, letting loose a constant stream of bullets at her enemy. Witchblade deflects them, then dives behind a car. Bayonetta takes the fight to her opponent, doing a flying somersault and landing on the hood of the car. Witchblade punches the car, sending it sliding back. Bayonetta jumps up, flips, and fires from the guns mounted on her feet. Witchblade deflects, then responds with an energy blast that narrowly misses its target.

Bayonetta lands in front of Witchblade. She stands face to face with Sara, taking a second to look her up and down, surveying how the Witchblade has covered its host.

“You’re a beautiful woman”. Bayonetta says with a moan.

“You’re insane.”


With that, she reaches up with both hands, takes Witchblade’s face in them, and plants a kiss firmly on her lips. Sara’s eyes are wide with shock.

Witchblade pulls back and punches Bayonetta in the chest, sending her flying back and into the air. Bayonetta screams and begins firing from her hands and feet. Witchblade puts up a shield to block the bullets. Wanting to end the battle as quick as possible, Witchblade runs towards Bayonetta as she lands. The gauntlet on her arm takes the form of a sword and she plunges it into Bayonetta’s stomach.

Blood starts to trickle from Bayonetta’s lips as she gasps for breath. She slowly closes her eyes and lowers her head. Witchblade withdraws the sword, but Bayonetta doesn’t fall down. Her head raises and her eyes open.

Suddenly a portal opens and a giant high-heeled boot comes shooting out. Witchblade is knocked back and slammed into the wall of the abandoned building. She falls to the ground, landing on her hands and knees.

The wound in Bayonetta’s stomach heals as she waves her hand over it. She walks confidently towards Witchblade.

“End of the line, sweetie”, she whispers.

Witchblade raises up on her knees and fires an energy bolt that misses Bayonetta but hits the street light above, shattering it. The area is bathed in darkness. Witchblade sits back, looking defeated.

“Nice try”, Bayonetta says, leveling her gun at Witchblade’s head.

Suddenly, a hissing sound comes from Bayonetta’s feet. She looks down in time to see two black, snake-like creatures with glowing eyes wrapping around her legs. She instantly targets them, but two more tentacles wrap around her arms. She is raised off the ground and held in captivity. She watches a figure walk towards her, the tentacles originating from him somehow.

“You’re messing with the wrong girl”, he says.

Without warning, the four tentacles pull hard, tearing Bayonetta to pieces.

“Jackie…”, Witchblade mutters before collapsing.

The Darkness picks her up and carries her off into the night.

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  • Lewis Rayne(Aelincorp)

    I liked the touch with Jackie saving Sara great way to incorporate one of the best things about witchblade. Would Bayonetta have won if he hadn’t intervened?

    • Mr Croft

      I doubt Bayonetta would have won. while it was a good fight, after all the issues of witchblade that I have read, I am confident that Sara Pezzini might have been out, but not that weapon she possesses.

  • bayonetta is the ultimate witch, the second overseer who runs the worl, the elder of the umbran witch clan.that makes bayonetta’s death the end of the world,and besides she killed god.