Meet The Heroes Of Unbound Saga

Soon making it’s debut on the Xbox 360 is Unbound Saga.  Unbound Saga is a hard brawling, heavy hitting story that involves two characters that I think you would find interesting.  So not only will we give you a little background on them but we will throw some screenshots in here for your viewing pleasure.  Unbound Saga is set to make it’s way to the XBLA on December 1st, so mark your calendar as it is only right around the corner.

First up we have Rick Ajax:

RICK AJAX: Full time tough guy Rick Ajax has battled every threat a monthly comic book could ever throw at a guy. Aliens, toxic punks, killer robots, mutant reptiles, you name it, have all locked horns with him at some point, and all have been beaten back by his mighty fists and short fuse. But now, Rick fights for one thing only: freedom from a world he is weary of defending. And that will only happen when he defeats the mysterious writer/artist/god hand who created his universe to begin with, an entity known only as “The Maker”.

Let’s not forget about Lori Machete.

LORI MACHETE: Beautiful, sexy, sassy, and deadly. Lori Machete is Rick’s fierce ally in the seemingly endless string of battles that have defined their existence. Agile, armed with twin blades and a wicked need to punctuate every headshot with a wise crack, Lori will round house kick her way through any gang of fools that get in her way. Lori has joined Rick in his quest for The Maker, a journey that will lead them through a gauntlet of foes towards their eventual freedom from a violent and dangerous world.

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