The Sly Collection’s Hidden Secret Revealed

It seems those gamers loyal enough (and not being forced to having to wait for Christmas) have unearthed footage for the unannounced sequel to the underrated and brilliant PS2 trilogy of Sly Cooper games. Here’s an excerpt of Joystiq’s post, the tantalizingly short teaser clip, and a link to see the article in its entirety:

It looks like the recently released Sly Collection has a special treat for fans. Unlocking all three Platinum Trophies on the disc (one for each game) will supposedly give players access to a hidden trailer, one that confirms the existence of a brand new Sly Cooper game for the PS3. If you don’t want to unlock the teaser trailer yourself, go past the break to see the video — captured by YouTube user tatermoog — for yourself.

This is what I’ve been waiting for – tangible proof that Sucker Punch hasn’t given up on the franchise. We know they’re doing Infamous 2 before they start Sly 4, but this is a great way to assure fanatics like me that sometime in the not too distant future we’ll be back in that world of anthropomorphic animal espionage. It’s almost enough to assuage the fact that I still have to wait another month and a half to play the original trilogy in glorious HD. Almost.

via Joystiq

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