Transformers WFC 2 Coming To A Console Near You 2012

Transformers:War For Cybertron  was actually much better then I thought it was going to be given movie tie in track records. The feel of the unreal play style mixed with the awesome need of transforming in and out and taking out multiple people was just a great feeling that seemed to hardly ever get old. It was so good that there is a green light for a sequel coming in 2012, which might just be a brand spanking new storyline, new characters, along with weapons abilities etc…You guys know the whole nine.

There has been a trend of sequels not doing as good as the originals in most video game series to date but I am holding my faith high for this one, I just don’t know quite why yet. We all know out there that Activision needs another leg to stand on then COD, and so does Blizzard, as they’ve mentioned before publicly. So folks get ready for a bag chalk full of yummy exploding transforming fun coming your way….in one and half years…sounded a lot closer in my mind…

Source: IGN

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  • I’m very excited about this news. I’m a huge TF fan and really enjoyed The War For Cybertron. I enjoyed the Autobot campaign more than the Decepticons one