Big iTunes Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Well you can see from the screenshot, there is something big going on tomorrow! I’m sure most of you dislike those announcements about announcements but myself, I’m an Apple fanboy so I’m kind of excited to see what will be coming our way. Could it be a subscription based service finally? Cloud storage for iTunes? I guess we will find out tomorrow and if you all are interested, we will be sure to let you know. Speaking of Apple news though, how do you guys and gals feel about more tech posts on Platform Nation? Tech things is actually what I love the most, more then gaming in fact and if you all like it too, I’d be happy to post more of it here on P*N, just let us know in the comment section.

Update: The entire Beatles catalog is now on iTunes. For more info on this announcement, check out this article here on

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  • Tye

    I welcome the tech news. It’s not like its replacing gaming news. Plus you guys do a great job with coverage when it comes to previews and reviews of games, so I know you guys would have the tech news up to par.

  • tech news for me would be good. In fact Yeah! lets do it.

    Everyone loves gadgets

  • Cooper

    They say Tomorrow is just ‘another day’ and the four clocks with their hands arranged differently are both hints that the announcement is about The Beatles coming to iTunes. I’ll be disappointed if that’s it.

  • Only if it’s Zune news.