Black Friday Video Game Deals: Walmart

Walmart has allowed their Black Friday ad to hit the internet. Unfortunately, it’s pretty anticlimactic after what we’ve seen from Sears, Target, and Best Buy.

walmart black friday ad

Buying a $299 160GB PS3 will net you the bonus of Uncharted 2 and Medal of Honor Limited Edition. Buying the 4GB Xbox 360 includes the bonus of Modern Warfare 2 and Mass Effect 2. That’s a better bonus than three LEGO games, if you ask me. The red Wii console will be $249 and include 2 sets of controllers and games including Wii Sports Resort and Super Mario Bros Wii.

walmart black friday ad

Halo: Reach will be $35, which seems to be the standard price all stores will be selling it for. There will be some good $30 games, including Red Dead Redemption and NBA 2K11. Another notable item is the Band Hero bundles available for $75. Also, there are a bunch of games that will be $10, so if you missed them the first time or just traded them in, this is a good time to grab them again. I’m in for InFamous and Killzone 2.

So, where are you camping out on the day after Thanksgiving?

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  • Sam Handrick (MDSRocker)

    Nice, if it weren’t for this site I wouldn’t know when the retailers are putting out their lists!